Yeh Hai Chahatein : Venky Arrested !

Preesha gets Venky arrested while he pleads her not to as even he suffered a lot because of Mishka. She then cries and apologizes him for not trusting him when he informed her about Venky. He consoles her and says even he went through same situation when he got Kabir arrested. He asks her to hug him and requests not to leave him again. Saransh and Sharda join them. Venky in police station hits his head to iron rods and injures himself. Police shifts him to a hospital. He smirks and thinks he wanted same. Preesha apologizes Mishka for not trusting her and trusting Venky instead. Mishka says its not her mistake, in fact she feels guilty for unknowingly ruining Venky’s life. Param expresses his love for Mishka and proposes her to marry him again. She accepts.

Preesha feels concerned for her parents thinking how will they react when they find out Venky’s true face. She visits her parents and informs them about getting Venky arrested. Vasu panics and blames Rudra for ruining her whole family. Preesha tries to explain that Venky was wrong. Vasu continues venting out her anger on Rudra and kicks him and Preesha out of house. She then cries that she lost all her children because of Rudra. Vyjayanti and GPS console her.

Preesha with Rudra returns home sadly. Mishka and Param announce their wedding tomorrow and request them to perform their kanyadyan. They both wholeheartedly agree. Back to room, Rudra consoles Preesha that she supported her family, but got humiliation in return. He hugs her and says he will always love her. She asks him to never leave him. He says he is getting out of control. She permits him to go ahead. He romances her. Ang lagade re.. song plays in the background. They consummate again. Rudra gets romantic with Preesha again in the morning. She reminds they need to get ready for Mishka and Param’s wedding. Saransh knocks door and asks reminds them of wedding. Preesha goes to get ready.

Venky tries to get out of hospital room. Peon stops him. Venky lies that he wants to go washroom. Peon orders constable not to let him out and goes to bring bed pan. Constable handcuffs Venky to a bad. After sometime, Venky acts as getting severe chest pain. Constable rushes to call doctor. Venky smirks. Nurse checks Venky and asks peon to give him injection if he gets chest pain again. Venky sees constable busy and plans to escape again.

Precap: Venky escapes from jail and kidnaps Mishka. Saransh hides in Venky’s car and informs Rudra.

Update Credit to: MA

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