Yeh Hai Chahatein : Karun Kidnapped !

The Episode starts with Kashvi beating up the goons and asking Karun to come from there. They run to safety. Kashvi asks Karun if he is fine and says they have to hide somewhere, as goons will come searching them. The boss scolds his goons and asks them to catch her. Karun cries. Kashvi says I am with you and will not let anything happen to you. Karun says that uncle is bad and says take me to my Mamma. Kashvi says I will take you to your Mamma. She tells that she has fight with them and will fight again if they come there. Karun says take me to my Dad.

Kashvi says she will take him to his dad, but for now he shall be silent else goons will hear them and come. Karun keeps quiet as Kashvi hugs him. The goon tells that they shall go and search her somewhere else. Kashvi is about to come out. The goon peeps inside her hide out place, and asks Kashvi to come out. Kashvi comes out and says you are doing wrong. The goon says your right was wrong for us, but you didn’t stop. The other goon peeps inside and finds the boy missing.

Kashvi thinks it is good she made Karun escape from there. The goon asks Kashvi to come with him silently else he will shoot her. Karun thinks why she is not fighting with them and says he will save her. He puts the crackers on their way, and they start bursting, and Kashvi sees Karun and goes with him. She says you have saved me? Karun says he don’t keep anyone’s favors.

Kashvi hugs him. Karun says he don’t like hug. Kashvi says she will hug and kiss him in her style and taps on his nose twice. Karun says ok and says goons are behind us. Kashvi says he is cute and says when he was scared, he hugged me and now I praised him and he became macho man. She says we shall leave before they see us. Mahima tells Arjun that they shall get the announcement made. Arjun says yes, this way he can hear us too. Karun says where to search them. Kashvi asks for his dad’s number. Karun gives the number.

Kashvi calls Arjun, but his call doesn’t connect. Arjun requests the guy to make an announcement for their missing son. The guy makes an announcement about the missing boy Karun. Kashvi and Karun hear him. Dadi comes to Kashvi and says I am tired, lets go now. Kashvi says I will drop Karun to his parents and then we will leave. Dadi says you got chutku ram here also. Karun says he came to enjoy and asks why did you come, didn’t you have to do puja.

Dadi says she has a lot of work to do. Karun says he is 5 years old and grown up. He says he has come to have candy floss and icecream, and asks if she can have 100 panipuris, if she can ride cycle and play the game. Kashvi thinks he is cute to make Dadi quiet. Dadi asks Kashvi to drop him and come. Kashvi is going to the stage, when the goon throws smoke bomb near them. They surround them while riding on the bikes. Everyone turns to them, but doesn’t see their faces. Arjun asks the guy to make the announcement again as he gets worried for his son. The goon comes to Kashvi and tries to kidnap Karun. Kashvi slaps him. The goon attacks her with the knife and tries to take Karun, but Kashvi pushes him. He attacks her again, kidnaps Karun and are leaving.

Kashvi gets injured. Dadi sees her and someone calls the ambulance. Karun shouts Mamma and Dad. Arjun hears him and sees the goons taking Karun on the bike. He runs behind the goons and tries to make the goon falls down to stop the bike, but the goon pushes Arjun. Everyone comes there. Arjun says they have kidnapped Karun. Doctor bandages Kashvi’s hand and tells that the wound is not serious. Dadi asks who were the attackers? Kashvi says Faridabad. Just then she gets a call.

Precap: The Inspector tells Arjun that special lady civil officer is involved to save Karun. Arjun waits for her and sees Kashvi and Dadi’s pic. Later Kashvi brings Karun to the mela and Karun rushes to him calling him Dad. Kashvi is shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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