Yeh Hai Chahatein : Kashvi Goes on a Mission With Trainees !

Arjun takes Kashvi from there. After the smoke goes, Vishal looks for Kashvi and says Arjun is missing, so he must have saved her. Arjun and Kashvi are in the bathroom. He takes tissue paper to wipe her injury. Kashvi is teary eyes and asks him what is he doing? Arjun says you are injured due to the thorn and the blood had flown so much. He says let me clean it. Kashvi thinks why I am feeling with his touch, and tells herself that she shall not feel anything, as he is of someone else. She pushes him and asks him to go and says I have taken care of myself. Arjun says I know, but this injury is on your back.

Kashvi says I can take care of myself like I am doing since 5 years and asks him to go. He comes near her. Kashvi says please don’t touch me. Arjun says Kashvi…please don’t do this with me, and asks her to understand him, and says he enquired about her, but nobody knew about you. He says he wanted to meet her, and want to apologize to her, and wanted to tell her that he wanted to spend all his life with him. Kashvi asks him not to lie. She says you have signed the divorced papers. He says you have sent it. Kashvi says she sent it as she was angry and what he did he signed as he loved someone else. Arjun says I have to sign as….he recalls Mahima was pregnant. She asks what?

Kashvi says you asked me to leave from your life, and didn’t believe me when I told you that your mother had killed my parents. She says when you have married someone, then respect that relation and maintain professional relation with her. She goes. Arjun thinks to tell her truth, why did he marry and the girl is mahima. He thinks kashvi will hate him more, but he will tell her. He says she is angry with me as I have married someone.

Kashvi hugs Dadi and says she didn’t want to be in the City as she don’t want to face Arjun, but….Dadi asks her to keep professional relation with Arjun, and not to let her feelings overpower her and face the situation strongly. Kashvi says you said right, I have to face this situation strongly and can’t fall weak.

She says she fell weak when she saw him, but don’t want him to come in my life again as he is selfish like his mother. Dadi asks Mata Rani to take care of her happiness and says she might get hurt again.

Arjun comes home. Karun tells him that he went to her school today, with Mamma. Arjun hopes Mahima didn’t see Kashvi and asks why you both had come. Mahima comes there and gives chocolate to Karun, and asks him to go out and eat. Karun goes. Mahima tells Arjun that she had come there to thank the civil officer for saving Kashvi. He says I will thank her, and then he doubts Mahima thinking if she has any aim. Next day, Vishal tells Arjun that he has ruined his plan, and tells that he wanted to teach a lesson to kashvi, and make the fence closer, but he saved Kashvi and then both got missing.

Arjun is shocked and tells that he will not bear if he misbehaves with Kashvi Maam again. He says he will teach him a lesson in 2 mins Vishal pushes Arjun for threatening him. Arjun raises his hand to slap Vishal, but Kashvi comes there and holds his hand. She says such behavior will not be tolerated and asks them to apologize to each other. Arjun and Vishal say sorry to each other. Kashvi tells them that they got the info that the vehicle will be going from this checkpost, which has illegal stuff and we shall not let it go. He says they shall check all the vehicles properly.

Mohan and his goon disguise themselves as the Sardar. Mohan asks if he is looking like Sardar. The goon says yes, we can go easily and cross the checkpost, and tells that they have the Civil officer stamp also. Mohan asks if Rice is in the bags. The goon tells that he has filled the stuff so well in rice that nobody can find.

All the trainees are stopping and checking the vehicles at the checkpost. Kashvi and Mr. Mehra is standing. Mohan and the goon come there in the truck with rice bags loaded. Arjun checks two bags and finds rice and wheat in two bags. The goon who is posing as driver, asks him why he is wasting the grains. Kashvi comes there. Vishal says there is nothing in it. The goon/driver sits in the tempo again. Arjun realizes that he has seen the bags shaking.

Precap: Arjun stops the tempo and checks it again. They find someone captive in the bag. The goon tries to run, Kashvi holds the goon while Mohan flees. Vishal checks the paper and tells Kashvi that the paper is stamped by her. Kashvi is shocked.

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