Yeh Hai Chahatein : Roohi & Rudraksh Bond !

Roohi with Saachi takes Rudra to her house’s backyard. Rudra says he will not stay in cattle shed as he is a rockstar. She says she is protecting him from goons and if he goes out, goons will catch him. He asks how old she is. She says 5. He says she speaks like a 50 year old grandma.

She says then she should listen to grandma, hide here to escape from goons, and even find a person he is searching. He agrees. She shows her house and sleeping mamma and says she can take care of him if he stays here. He says okay grandma. Saachi asks if she likes rock star now. She says Rudra is always angry and she doesn’t like him much. Saachi asks how will she hide rock star from her mamma. Roohi says she has planned something and asks her to go home now.

Roohi then returns to Rudra. Rudra says cot is very hard. She checks it and brings her favorite blanket and pillow for him. He asks why she is favoring him. She says because he is her guest. She then asks not to bedwet and spoil her blanket. He says no and says he can buy 1000 blankets like these. She says not this one. Their nok jhok starts. He feels frustrated. She gets angry and tries to take back her blanket and pillow. He apologizes and asks her to go and rest now. She walks towards door when she hears him writhing in pain and ties a cloth around his sprained ankle.

Next morning, Preesha wakes up dreaming Rudra shouting I love you. She relaxes and thinks she needs to wake up Roohi for school. She walks into Roohi’s room and sees her shivering without blanket. She wakes her up and asks where is her blanket. Roohi says its outside as she kept it for drying. Preesha asks her get it. Roohi walks to backyard and tries to wake up Rudra.

Rudra doesn’t wake up and thinking her as Saransh asks her to let him sleep. She drops water on him. He wakes up angry. She asks who is chotu. He says his assistant and asks if she couldn’t wake him up normally. She says she did, but he didn’t wake up and hence she had to pour water on him. Their nok jhok starts. He asks for breakfast. She says she will bring it and takes blanket. He writhes in pain again. She spreads bedsheets out for drying and picks crepe bandage from first-aid box. Preesha serves her breakfast. She acts as eating and gives it to Rudra. Rudra seeing parantha says its her favorite. She insists him to brush first. He does and enjoys paranthas. She ties crepe bandage around his ankle.

Precap: Rudra gets out to get a fresh air.
Preesha returns home and stands shocked seeing Rudra. Rudra also stands shocked seeing her.

Update Credit to: MA

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