Yeh Hai Chahatein : Rudra & Preesha Miss Each Other

Arman acts surprised hearing about Rudra’s concert and says they all 4 can enjoy together. Rudra says he and Preesha have also come for honeymoon and don’t want to be disturbed. Arman says that is good, they both can spend a quality time with their own wives and leaves with Sania. Rudra gets angry. Preesha calms him down. Ahuja meets them. Rudra says let us meet tomorrow as concert is tomorrow. Ahuja says he needs to rehearse today as its his comeback after a long time. Rudra says he can rehearse with his team just before concert. Ahuja says its a new team and he should tune in with them. Preesha agrees and asks Rudra to go for rehearsals. Rudra agrees. Ahuja messages Arman that his work is alone. Preesha waits for Adi in reception area. Arman with Sania walks to her and asks what is she doing alone. Preesha says Rudra has gone for rehearsals. Sania insists her to join them for Shimla sightseeing. Preesha agrees and during sightseeing thinks about Rudra.

Rudra rehearses and gets stuck at one place. Ahuja says its 5th time already. Rudra gets stuck again. Ahuja asks his assistant to give him song lyrics. Girl walks to him. He imagines Preesha in her and sings song romancing her. Ahuja gets him out of imagination and asks to receive song lyrics, concert is tomorrow and he can’t be stuck like this. Rudra apologizes and missing Preesha walks away. Preesha also imagines him while shopping. He fixes her earrings and romances her. Sania gets her out of imagination and asks if she liked earrings. Preesha says no and walks away thinking if Rudra is also missing her like she is missing him. Arman says they will next go to sunset point on hilltop. Sania says she is feeling sick seeing height and can’t accompany them, so they both can go. Arman acts, but agrees and leaving with Preesha smirking at Sania. They reach sunset point, and the thinks he wanted to spend time with Preesha at beautiful locations without Rudra’s interference. Preesha thinks she wants to return to Rudra and watch him rehearsing instead. Arman holds her hand and shows her view. She says they will leave soon after sunset. He goes to bring ice cream for her and when he returns doesn’t find her. Driver informs that she went down with a biker. Arman gets angry.

Rudra repeatedly fails to sing song. Ahuja asks him to try as concert is tomorrow. Preesha enters playing Har Kisiko Nahi Milta Yahan Pyar Zindgai Me. Rudra hugs her while everyone clap for them. He asks what is she doing here. She says she is late, had gone to watch sunset on hilltop, but was missing him and came here. Shew asks how did she come here. She remembers taking lift from a biker and reaching here. Rudra thanks her and says he was unable to even speak without her. She encourages him. He sings Har Kisiko Nahi Milta.. song. Ahuja praises his singing, calls Arman and informs him that Rudra sang really well once Preesha reached him. Arman gets angry and if Preesha came there. Ahuja says tomorrow’s concert will be a huge success if Rudra sings similarly. Arman says he will spoil Rudra’s concert. Sania says he invested lakhs in CNN recordings company and will incur losses. He says he will earn again, but wants to destroy Rudra completely. They reach hotel and wait for Rudra and Preesha. Once Rudra and Preesha walk in, Arman shows his concern. Preesha apologizes him and goes to her room with Rudra. Arman thinks its a silence before storm.

Precap: Preesha asks Rudra not to be under audience pressure and sing for her. Rudra says he sings for her and Saransh.
Ahuja praises Rudra’s singing in front of Arman. Arman mixes medicine in juice and asks Ahuja to give it to Rudra. Rudra drinks juice.

Update Credit to: MA

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