Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Abhi & Akshu Meet Again

Akshu saying I wish that oil worked on Manjiri. Anand says Manjiri is in stress. Abhi asks what shall I do. Parth says end her stress. Abhi prays for Manjiri. Harsh says I want to tell you something imp, she just has stress for your marriage, you aren’t getting married. Parth says yes, we spend time with Manjiri, we all know this. Anand says its upto you, decide what you want. Neil messages Akshu that Manjiri is okay now. Akshu says thanks. Abhi sits tensed and recalls Akshu. Anand hugs Abhi. Harsh thinks Abhi gets married, then everything will get fine. Anand says you were so balanced in childhood, I know you are emotional about Manjiri. Abhi asks what shall I do. Anand says we both are doctors, we can’t keep Manjiri in this condition for a long time, we have to bring her out of this condition, take your time, think what you want, you are my champion, never forget that. He goes. Abhi says I have to do something.

Its morning, Aarohi sees Akshu working out and taunts. Akshu says music reminds of someone, so I thought to do this. Abhi looks for a file. Aarohi comes to help Abhi. She says I gave you the file at night. He says thanks. She says sorry, you regard us close so you tell your feelings, its okay, Manjiri is fine now. She goes. Harsh says I have seen how you handled Abhi, well done. She says its imp to cover up when someone gets tangled in the workplace. Harsh says I used to do this when Anand and Mahima had any problems, well done, keep it up. She goes. Harsh thinks why does Abhi not see anything in her, and he sees everything in Abhi. Abhi gets a message and thinks music therapy will be good for mum. Akshu says no, I won’t go. Kairav says you have to go for music therapy. Akshu says there will be big speakers, I have stage fear. Vansh says you have to go, that’s all. Kairav says please go. She says fine. Abhi says we will take mum to the music therapy. Harsh stops him. Anand says we all will go. Abhi takes Manjiri to the event. Abhi says this will be good for you. Akshu comes on stage. They look on.

She says medicines can heal the body, but music can heal the soul, heart gets treated and comes at peace by music, music is in our hearts. Anand and Harsh come and look at her. Akshu sees Abhi there. Harsh says this girl again. Abhi thinks why did you come in front. Akshu thinks why. Abhi says we will go back. Anand says we can’t go this way. Harsh says everyone is watching us. Akshu says we will try to calm our heart by music.

The people ask them to call a senior therapist. Akshu asks everyone to sit, they will start with a breathing exercise. Abhi and Manjiri follow Akshu’s instructions. She asks everyone to close their eyes and try to see what they want to see, try to live that moment. Manjiri thinks of Abhi getting married. Abhi thinks of Akshu. Akshu gets a panic attack. Harsh taunts her. Abhi thinks I feel hurt seeing you like this, come on. Akshu calms down. Jaaniye….plays…. Akshu sings ek pyaar ka nagma hai…. Manjiri smiles. Abhi looks at her.

Harsh pays the money to Akshu. Abhi comes to defend Akshu. Aarohi asks Akshu to say that she has nothing left between Abhi and her. Abhi hears this. Abhi does the tandav in anger.

Update Credit to: Amena

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