Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Abhi Forces Akshu to Join Engagement Party

The Episode starts with Abhi coming in engagement. Dadi wards off his bad sight. Kairav messages Akshu to come soon. Akshu slips on the stairs. Abhi shouts careful. She balances. Neil says Abhi told that to mum. Abhi thinks what happened to me. Akshu thinks to book a cab. Abhi sees the time. Shefali helps Manjiri in work. Manjiri asks Suwarna and Dadi is everything fine. She says I have done everythig, forgive me if anything is less. They say its beautiful. Manjiri asks when will Akshu come.

Dadi says she said she wil end her work and come. Neil asks Abhi does he have anything in heart. Abhi says nothing, let this happen, don’t hurt me. Neil says Akshu and you are perfect, its not too late, stop this, mark my words, you are doing a big mistake, I hope you realize this soon. Abhi says I know, you love me a lot, sorry.

Akshu waits for the cab. Parth and Shefali compliment each other. He says we shall take a selfie. She gets a work call and goes. Anand and Mahima come. Anand says do some work, you don’t stand alone. Parth says I m okay. Anand says think everyone will ask about your job, what will we answer. Mahima says Parth helps Manjiri in the household work. Parth says spare me today. Anand says he will get us defamed. Mahima says I don’t want Aarohi to come in this house.

Akshu talks to the cab driver. Aarohi calls someone. She says I have to do this. Harsh comes. He says you look tensed, relax. She says nothing, what happened, did you get the photos. He asks what, I told you everything on call. She says no. He says I told you on call. She says maybe I received call and didn’t hear. He says lets be careful, I don’t want such drama again, you are going to become Birla bahu, image is very imp. He goes. Neil looks on. Aarohi thinks I will tell them about exam once its confirmed.

Neil says if Aarohi did something, then I won’t leave her. Manish asks Harsh to come for dance. Harsh says I don’t know dance. Anand says Manish won’t leave Harsh today. Everyone laughs. Harsh says I don’t know any dancing. Manish says do anything and have fun. Abhi looks at the door. Anand says come on Harsh, its about our respect. Harsh dances with Manish and Akhilesh.

Chammo….plays…. Abhi sees the time. Kairav takes Anand for the dance. Everyone dances. The family claps. Manjiri compliments Harsh. He says I had to dance today, you don’t start singing. Akshu thinks I have to go by auto now, cab isn’t coming. She hears bole chudiyaan song on the speaker.

Abhi gets inside the house on his bike. He says you have to dance, I cancelled that taxi, it wasn’t coming to Birla house, were you running somewhere, come with me. She says no. He says you can come in my heart and room, why not in my engagement, what was this doing in my room. She sees her bracelet and asks where did you get this. He says in my room. She says aunty sent me to get medicines, there was short circuit in your room, I saved the shirt from the fire, why will I leave my bracelet in the room that’s becoming of my sister, I won’t come. He insists her to sit. They argue. He makes her sit on the bike. They leave.

Everyone asks Abhi and Aarohi to dance. Aarohi asks where is Abhi. Abhi and Akshu are on the way. Parth says Abhi isn’t there. Harsh says he isn’t at the hospital. Anand says find him. Kairav says don’t know where he went. Neil thinks. Aarohi thinks what drama will happen before marriage. The light goes. Akshu comes and dances on Bole chudiyaan… Everyone looks on.

Abhi dances with Akshu and everyone. Manjiri says we will have the engagement ritual now. Abhi shows his hurt finger. Everyone worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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