Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Virat Warns Sai & His Family!

Virat warns Sai that he will not listen anything against Shruti. Sai asks Ninad not to badmouth about Shruti as Virat considers Shruti as his wife. Virat says she is thinking wrong. Sai asks then what does he mean. Karishma taunts that Sai didn’t want to accept Virat as husband and when she is accepting after he returned from mission, he brought another wife. Bhavani scolds her to shut up and asks Virat why did he tarnish his uncle Nagesh’s image. Samrat asks Virat if he really doesn’t want to explain more. Virat says no.

Sai says she is amazed with his careless attitude. Virat thinks why she gets into a conclusion so soon. Bhavani asks if he knows what he did. Samrat says there are many women in this city whose husbands are not with them, do they eye on other’s husbands. Pakhi comments Virat must be knowing Shruti from the beginning. Virat warns her to stop talking nonsense. She says she is trying to make sense out of his nonsensical talk and tells Ninad again that Shruti is his friend’s wife and he had to lie at hotel that she is his wife to protect her identity.

He then tries to convince Sai to trust him. She laughs, pushes his hands away, and says he lost his right to touch her and his emotional tricks will not work on her. Devi asks Virat why he is troubling Sai. Pulkit consoles her. Sai says its time to leave his house permanently, etc.

Sonali praises Karishma for her drama at the right time. Sai tells family that they should bring Shruti home and let her go from there. Virat says she cannot go. She says she will and he is free from their bonding. Bhavani says Virat made a mistake, that doesn’t mean one should make another mistake; nobody leaves from Chavan famil and they all will find a way out. Sai says Virat gave her place to someone else and she doesn’t have any right to be with him.

Virat stops her and requests not to take any decision in a hurry. Sai warns him again not to touch her as she is not his wife or friend anymore. Ashwini cries that she truly wanted them to create a new relationship, but didn’t know it would turn up so ugly. Ninad tells Sai that she need not leave their house, he will see how Virat will meet Shruti again. Sai says Virat is not a kid to obey him, he will meet Shruti at any cost, they will think he is on a mission and pray for him while he is busy enjoying with Shruti, maybe Shruti denied him but he forced himself on her.

Virat warns her to shut up. Samrat warns him to lower his voice as he will not tolerate anyone speaking rudely with his sister. Ninad says Virat filled bitterness in their lives. Virat gets nurse’s call that his baby’s condition is worsening. He rushes towards door. Ashwini stops him and gives his promise followed by Ninad and Bhavani. He ignores them and walks away.

Ashwini breaks down and cries who is Shruti to ruin her son and DIL’s happiness. Bhavani consoles her and says she will find out Shruti and seek answers from her; they together have to solve this problem. Karishma says Virat will not introduce new SIL to them. Mansi warns her to stop her nonsense. Devi says she will trash Shruti for troubling her family. Pulkit consoles her. Virat visit hospital where nurse says Shruti is unable to handle baby, so he should. He carries baby. Shruti imagines Sada in Virat. Virat reminds its him. She remembers taking oath on Sada’s blood to take revenge from Virat, says he doesn’t have right to hold a man’s baby whom he killed.

Precap: Samrat knocks Sai’s door and requests to open door. Sai feels drowsy and falls down. Family gets concerned. Samrat calls Virat.

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