Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Abhimanyu Heartbroken !

The Episode starts with Akshu panicking and crying. She talks to Kanha ji. She thinks of Abhi. She lies on the swing and falls short of breath. Abhi comes to hold her. He asks her to breathe. He says breathe, get up, you are getting a panic attack, breathe, sing. She says no, I can’t. He asks what shall I do, sit here, I will get water and calls Abhinav. He sees Abhir playing the flute. He calms Akshu. Akshu hugs him. Abhi looks on and cries. Ek pyaar ka nagma…plays… Abhi goes. Akshu says I got a panic attack recalling old thing, then you came and saved me, don’t tell Papa about it. Abhir says okay.

Manjiri says Shefali went to hospital for your work, why didn’t she come back with you. Parth says actually… Mahima comes and says she had some work, she will come. Manjiri says okay, its good. She goes. Mahima scolds Parth. She says go and get Shefali, my reputation shouldn’t get spoiled. Muskaan asks Abhir to go inside, elders are talking. Abhir says no, I m also grown up. Muskaan sends him. Abhinav gets Abhi there. Muskaan says don’t mind, the groom and bride’s love story was boring. Akshu says don’t say that. Abhinav says love story should have been better. Muskaan says now we will hear Abhinav and Akshu’s love story. Abhinav says we have no story. Muskaan says make a fake story. Akshu says no, we don’t have a love story. Muskaan says no, we want to hear your love story. She makes Abhi sit down.

She asks Abhinav where did he meet Akshu for the first time. Abhinav thinks to take a chance. He says I met someone else before meeting her, her voice. Abhi recalls Akshu’s singing. Abhinav says I heard her scolding first, I went to help her. He fakes a story, which reminds Abhi of his love story. He says I got feelings for her, we got friendship, I got habitual to get her scolding, love came hidden in her scolding, I felt I have someone who cares for me also. He fakes the proposal story. Everyone laughs hearing his funny tale.

Abhinav says my life changed when Akshara ji came, Abhir is the biggest happiness of my life, my son, when I took him in my arms, I felt I have the world with me. Abhi leaves crying. Akshu also goes. Neela says Muskaan was so little like Abhir, and now she has grown up. Abhir says you are already sweet, you don’t need any sweets. Akshu asks her not to worry. Neela says I worry for Muskaan, everyone is asking me when will we get Muskaan married, Muskaan doesn’t want to marry, she wants to study.

Akshu says Abhinav and I will go with Muskaan and arrange everything for her. Neela blesses them. Abhir says don’t call yourself an old woman. Neela asks what shall I say. Abhir says Papa says old people feel bad when we call them old. They laugh. Abhir goes to have icecream. Neela says Muskaan told me that Abhinav just told a story, don’t you want that story to get true, I find your relation incomplete, don’t you want it to complete.

Abhi says I never thought that you can love someone, its good, why am I getting hurt seeing you with someone else, I have to move on. Muskaan says don’t feel guilty, I forced you to say a fake story, you have poured your heart out, I m sorry. She cries. Abhinav says its not your mistake, love has got more now that it came out, I m scared thinking of Akshu. She asks him to compel Akshu to think, everyone thought this story is real. He says yes, but its not true, just our friendship is real, not the love, who knows it will get real or not. Abhi is behind.

Akshu asks Abhi to stay away from her. Abhinav is wounded. Akshu says we will go to the hospital. The man says there is a hospital strike today. she calls Abhi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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