Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Akshara Ki Pehle Rasoi !

The Episode starts with Aarohi saying Harsh has called for Ramani’s case. Abhi goes with her. Harsh sees them and thinks they are serious about their work, they can become a good team if their differences end. Manish and Kairav think of Akshu. Manish asks him not to worry for Akshu so much. He says Abhi would be hurt as well that he isn’t with Akshu. he asks Kairav to come with him. He goes. Kairav hopes that the same thing doesn’t happen with Akshu again. Akshu plays the guitar.

Abhi comes and sits behind her. Kaise mujhe tum….plays….. He says I have become your patient now. She says you came with the hospital clothes. He says I took a bath and got fresh, I couldn’t come in sherwani, my heart beats faster when I m with you. He kisses her hand and holds her. They romance. Abhi dreams this. He wakes up from sleep and goes to check the patient. Abhi comes home and rushes to his room. He sees the heart balloons and decorations.

He sees Akshu sleeping and feels sad. He sees the bracelet and headphones worn by her. He says sorry and removes the headphone. He makes her rest on the bed. He says sorry to make you wait so much. He kisses her. She asks when will you come Abhi. He also sleeps there. Its morning, Akshu wakes up and sees Abhi sleeping. She says how did I get such a good fate. He says I was thinking the same. He lies in her lap. She says sorry to wake you up. He teases her.

She says you are so sleepy and still talking, sleep now. He holds her hand. He pulls her close and says now you got the feeling of being married. She says you are too tired, sleep please. He asks will you not feel bad. She says I will feel bad if you don’t listen to me. He says really sorry, I promise I will make up for yesterday. She kisses him and says yes doc man, please take rest, I will meet my doc family, everyone will be free now.

She checks her phone. Kairav says I couldn’t sleep. Suwarna says you are missing Akshu. Dadi says it looks like we have no right on her now. Kairav says I wasn’t ready for this, she left me and went away, I went to her room to look for her, I felt that the things are telling me that she left all of us here. Aarohi cries and hugs him. Akshu greets Manjiri. Manjiri says daughters don’t touch feet. Akshu asks what to make for everyone. Manjiri says everyone eats cereals and fruits here, make kachori for Neil and kheer for everyone, staff will handle the rest of the things. Akshu asks what will you die, what do you like. Manjiri says anything. Akshu asks her to say. Manjiri says I like sabudana kheer. Akshu says great, I will make it now.

Manjiri goes to get sabudana. She says Akshu asked my choice. She smiles. Harsh, Anand and Mahima have a talk. Manjiri says its Akshu’s first rasoi, sabudana kheer. Harsh says yuck, sabudana kheer, you know my choice, Manjiri, you have it and sing bahu’s praise. Anand asks Manjiri to pass the fruits and badam. He asks for fruit juice. He asks where are Neil and Shefali. Parth says she is busy.

Manjiri says Neil would be sleeping. Mahima says we should get back to our normal routine. Akshu says everyone can take some kheer. Manjiri says yes. Anand says yes. Akshu serves the kheer and takes blessings from elders. Mahima says don’t touch feet every day, good morning is enough. Anand says respect should be in heart. Akshu says Dadi told me.. Harsh says she told it there, they are Goenkas, we are Birlas, leave things there, things are different here. Manjiri signs yes to Akshu.


Manjiri says we will do rasams today. Harsh asks since when did you start thinking. Abhi breaks the food plate. Abhi and Harsh get into an argument. Akshu looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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