Imlie : Atharva & Chini’s Wedding Prep Starts !

Imlie recalls Chini’s words. She thinks she crossed all lines now what will she do next? She hears the news where Chini is giving interview about her wedding with Arto. Imlie feels disgusted seeing her drama. Arto leaves for police station and Kia tells Chini he already left. Chini says Arto has no option but marrying him.

As they both will trend in news channel tomorrow. Rudra talks to the cop with his lawyer. They say that they don’t have proof if she really attempted suicide. Cop says without getting the report of the psychologist they can’t get Imlie released.

Arto looks at Imlie being sad. He goes near her and asks how is she? He asks how did she fall? Imlie reveals how Chini pushed her from the balcony. Arto loses his calm saying he won’t spare Chini for stooping so low. Imlie stops him from leaving saying Sita Maiya won’t let her stay in lock up for long. Everything will be alright in the end.

Arto says they don’t have proofs against Chini too. Imlie assures him to keep faith. Sundar tells Imlie that psychologist is coming to ask her questions. She gets prepared. Arto says if she doesn’t arrive before the wedding then what. She says still he will sit in the mandap.

Imlie tells the psychologist that she didn’t attempt suicide and the latter asks if she is tortured by her in laws or her husband. Imlie says she feels happy whenever he is around her. The doctor says if she will be able to stay without him. She says it will be like living without taking breathe.

She is about to says she loves Arto a lot but then she controls her emotions. Imlie waits for her report to come else she can’t get out of the lock up. Arto waits for her to arrive and Rudra advises him to stop the wedding drama if Imlie doesn’t return back on time. Arto feels though Imlie is not here but still she sent Sita Maiya to help him.

Arto tells Chini that he can’t marry her. He has lots of doubts and he can’t marry with all these doubts. He says he is angry with Imlie and Chini also ditched him and was about to marry Abhishek. Then how will he believe that Chini will put efforts for him. Chini thinks she even executed suicide drama to win him. She tells Arto that she loves him and she can do anything to make him happy.

Arto waits for Imlie in the mandap and Chini arrives with a happy face. She sits next to Arto. Arto feels anxious and Anu tries to tie the wedding knot. Imlie returns and says she is still Arto’s wife and Chini can’t marry a married man. Reporters surround Imlie. Chini says Imlie even signed the divorce papers. Arto shows her the papers and Chini gets shocked no sign there.

Precap: Imlie says she loves Arto and can do anything for him. Chini says she also committed fake suicide to win him. She wanted to throw Imlie out of the house. Everyone gets shocked hearing Chini’s confession.

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