Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Akshu Bani Abhi ki Savior !

The Episode starts with Akshu saying I was in Abhi’s cabin since Ruby came and left. Ruby’s dad asks are you Abhi’s girlfriend that you are lying. The man asks do you have any proof. Akshu says whatever Ruby said, does she have a proof that Abhi molested her, she is just saying this. Ruby’s dad says she will not spoil her respect. Akshu says when a woman’s ego gets hurt, then she doesn’t think of anyone’s respect. She argues with Ruby’s dad. Abhi and his family look on. Ruby’s dad asks what were you doing there, how are you related to Abhi, by what right did you go there.

Akshu says its not wrong to spend time with someone, its wrong to see the guy with a wrong intention. The man says some people saw Ruby crying and leaving from Abhi’s cabin, do you have a proof against her. She says yes, I have, I got the proof with me, I have everything recorded in my phone. Abhi looks at Ruby. Akshu says Ruby I will show everyone what you did with Abhi, I was there only. Harsh asks why did she waste time when she had the video. Mahima asks him to have patience. Akshu says I didn’t know when the video got recorded, you did wrong with Abhi, I will show who is wrong, this video will go viral now.

Ruby worries and shouts shut up. Kairav looks on. Ruby says don’t you dare bring this video out, don’t do this, yes its my mistake, I was angry on Abhi, he always ignores me, I doesn’t like to her no in my life, I got angry and wanted to teach him a lesson. Akshu says leave it, video doesn’t have this fun, I never had the video, but the truth came out, I was confident, because one who supports the truth isn’t scared, like Abhi, he stood strong, those who are wrong shiver like this. Ruby’s dad says I will see you. Abhi says enough. Kyu tham gaya….plays….

The man says so Ruby’s blame was wrong. Akshu says a guy can also behave wrong with the guy and trap him. Harsh thinks my hospital and my son got saved, no means no, even if the girl says and even if a guy says. Abhi smiles seeing Akshu. Akshu thanks them. Ruby says I m sorry, forgive me. The man says thanks, you brought the truth out, you forgot the fear of your defamation and brought the truth, thanks. The man says sorry Abhi, you are innocent. Abhi nods.

Abhi says I request, keep Akshara’s name out of the public statements of this case. Akshu goes. Jaaniye….plays… Kairav goes with her. Abhi thinks she saved my life, how shall I not love her. Kairav says sit here, I will get something for you. He goes. Mahima asks Akshu to drink the juice, she will get strength. Akshu drinks it.

Mahima says thanks, you saved all of us, whenever I see you, I recall my sister Manjiri, homely, but you have done good, you spoke in front of everyone. Akshu says I stayed silent for family’s sake, but today I had to speak. Mahima thinks she is different. She smiles. Mahima says Abhimanyu, talk to her. She goes. Akshu and Abhi talk via heart. She runs away. Hame tumse pyaar kitna….plays… He follows. She slips. He holds her in arms. Aarohi comes and looks on. She thinks she came to save Abhi, she got the hero. Abhi asks why don’t you see and walk, if anything happened, then, you don’t care of yourself. He asks Aarohi to go for her round. Aarohi goes.

He takes Akshu to his cabin. He asks why did you come to save me, when everyone and I stopped you, tell me. Akshu says I came to fix the wrong. He asks really, you came to answer Ruby. She says I came to support a doctor, his hospital and respect. He says you mean, you would come for any other doctor. She says yes, I would have done my duty for anyone. He holds her and asks anyone. She says anyone. He keeps asking. They come close.

He leaves her. He gets angry and says I m nothing special, I m just anyone for you. He returns her bracelet. He says good bye. She thinks please move on. She goes out and cries. He cries. Lag jaa gale….plays…..

Manjiri says this happened because of Aarohi. Akshu says I wanted him to get happy and move on. Abhi shouts I know your truth since childhood. He argues with Harsh. Manjiri faints down.

Update Credit to: Amena

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