Udaariyaan 6th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Fateh getting down the bus. He goes to a tea stall. He recalls Tejo. He imagines Tejo there. O rangrez….plays…Tejo drinks the tea and signs him. He smiles. He drinks the hot tea and drops the glass. He pays the money. He asks about some cheap hotel. The tea vendor tells him about the lodge. Fateh thanks him and goes. A guy collides with him and steals his wallet for cash. He throws the wallet there. Jasmin talks to Sweety. She asks what, Fateh isn’t in Moga. Sweety says I had come to academy, no one knows about him. Jasmin says I don’t think he will go back. Sweety says but why, they will be happy if they know that Fateh left you. Jasmin says I will find out. Angad talks to the principal. He says let Riya stay with me for a few days, thanks, I have sent the permission letter. He goes to Riya and says you will stay here. Riya gets happy and hugs him. He says you have to attend online classes, you will go back after few days. Riya refuses. Tejo comes. Riya says Angad isn’t keeping his promise. Tejo says let me talk to him, he is just asking you some time to make you stay here always. Riya asks really, ask him not to break the promise. Tejo says he won’t, you go. Riya goes. Angad says its impossible, don’t make such promises. She says I know you are sensible and can solve your problems, sorry, I can’t see Riya yearning to stay with her dad.

Tejo says I came to tell you that I m going to nearby colleges to get a job, you already did a lot for me. He says all the best. She thanks him and goes. He says you aren’t understanding, I don’t want to hurt you, I know you are hurt because of Fateh. Fateh recalls Tejo’s words and walks on the road. Khushbeer answers Jasmin’s call. Gurpreet says it will be Fateh’s call. She asks did you reach there, Fateh. Jasmin disconnects.

She says it means he didn’t go home, then where is he. Sweety calls her. Jasmin says Fateh would be repenting for Tejo Devi, he won’t go back, he won’t let anyone know that he is with me, I will think how to take my revenge. Fateh comes to some lodge. He says I want a room. The man asks for few hours or whole night. Fateh says for some days. The man jokes on Fateh. He asks about his lover. Fateh catches his collar and gets angry. The man shouts on him. He asks Fateh to give 3000rs per night. Fateh looks for his wallet. The man makes fun of him. Fateh says I had the money, I bought clothes, had tea… a guy has stolen my wallet. The man asks him to leave. Sweety says Tejo isn’t in Moga, she went with Angad. Jasmin asks what, I have to find out their plan. Sweety asks her not to come back. Jasmin says no one can identify me. She posts her pic with Fateh. She says everyone has seen my amazing skills, why don’t they see my editing skills, they will think we are in Canada, I want Fateh to see this and know how I turned this lie into a truth, how long will you run away from me. Fateh sits outside the lodge. He cries and recalls his family. Tejo and Fateh see the pics posted by Fateh. Fateh says what’s the use, its good, everyone will think my lie is true. Tejo thinks I m happy for you, finally Jasmin’s dream is fulfilled. Gurpreet cries and hugs Fateh’s pic. Amrit says he is happy there. Gurpreet asks did Tejo post anything. Mahi says no, she doesn’t need to post. Gurpreet says you still call her Bhabhi. Mahi says yes, she will always be my bhabhi. Gurpreet says I hope they both unite again, Fateh got married and went to Canada, but this hope doesn’t break, I feel everything will get fine.

Tejo also posts Angad and her pic. She says this is right for everyone, they will believe that I m happy. Jasmin says wow Tejo, you also learnt my tricks, don’t get happy, I will find out where you are hiding with Angad, then I will make a revenge plan. Fateh sees Tejo and Angad’s pic. He says you always stay happy Tejo, Angad is the right guy for you. Tejo comes home. She sees Angad dancing with a boy. She smiles. He asks the man to go home and not worry, he will get full rate for his harvest yields. Riya comes and asks him to help her. He asks her to go inside. She says I will not talk to you. Tejo hugs Riya and asks what happened. Riya says I have to make a project, Angad isn’t helping. Tejo says I will help you. Riya goes.

Tejo asks what’s the matter, you behave well with others’ kids, not your own, why can’t you help Riya. He asks about her interviews. Fateh asks the man to give him a room. He says sorry for whatever I did. The man says you hold my collar again. Fateh says sorry, give me a room. The man says you have to do work. Fateh says I will go. Tejo says colleges are good, but vacancies aren’t there. Angad says I have plan B, I have another company, you handle the work, you will like it. She asks what’s the work. The man asks will you wash the utensils. Fateh says yes. Angad says we are trying to support small scale industries, its run by women, we want to make the women financially strong and independent. Tejo says that sounds great. Angad says thank God, you liked the idea. She says sorry if you felt bad. He says everything is forgiven when its about you. Fateh sees the plates. Jasmin gets ready. She says I won’t let Tejo and Fateh stay in peace.


Jasmin hurts her hand and says now this wound will heal when my revenge gets fulfilled. Fateh washes the utensils.

Update Credit to: Amena

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