Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Akshu ko Pata Chala Sach !

Aksara hearing the talks on the phone. She hears Sheela saying Akshara is your stepdaughter and Aarohi is my real grandchild. Sirat scolds her and asks her to stay away from her daughters. Sheela says you can keep me away, but not the truth. Akshu cries and says I m a stepdaughter. Aarohi asks what happened, and goes. Akshu checks the photo album. She says pics are same, how am I the step daughter, is my mum a stepmum. She goes. Sirat does boxing. She sees Naira’s pic. She says I will tell Akshu everything after the party. Akshu tries to ask Dadi and Suwarna. They say we will busy, we will talk later. Sirat gets dresses for Akshu and Aarohi. She gets Kartik’s call and goes. Akshu asks why am I so confused, I can’t be her step daughter. Aarohi ask what happened. Aarohi asks what, our mums are different, hw can you be a stepdaughter, our mums are same, who was that aunty. Akshu says don’t know, mumma scolded her. Aarohi says maybe you heard it wrong. Akshu says she said that. Aarohi asks how is that possible.

Suwarna comes and says you both are here in Kairav’s room. Aarohi says we were missing Kairav. Suwarna asks them to get ready and come, Akshu has to give the surprise also, why is she upset. Akshu says I m just nervous. Suwarna asks her to get ready and come. Akshu says I don’t want mumma’s mood to get spoiled, I can wait till tomorrow. The ladies are blindfolded.

Sirat asks what’s happening, why did you blindfold us. Gayu says we also want to see. Sirat asks Akshu to come and hold her hand. Everyone removes the blindfold and see the surprise. They smile. The kids wish happy mothers day. Manish says you have loved us as a mum and shown us the right path as a dad. Dadi cries hearing Manish and Akhilesh’s speech. She hugs them. They make her wear a crown. They clap. Dadi thanks them.

Aarohi makes the other mom wear the crowns. Yeh rishta…plays… Akshu says you all are the world’s best mothers, Vansh has sent a card for Gayu. Aarohi says Kairav has sent a card for Sirat. Akshu says Lav and Kush gave this for Surekha. Aarohi says dad sent this for Suwarna. Manish says its Akshara’s planning, we just helped her. Sirat thinks I will be breaking her truth today.

Akhilesh says Aarohi has made this cake. Sirat hugs the girls. She says I don’t know I m the world’s best mumma or not, but I m the most lucky one. Dadi asks Sirat to cut the cake. Aarohi says wish that I top in the class. Sirat says I know what I want to wish. She prays that the children love each other, no one thinks of the real and step relations.

She cuts the cake. Aarohi says me first. Sirat says Akshu is elder, Akshu first. She thinks will you love me the same way like before. Aarohi says you forgot me. Aarohi says there is another surprise. Sirat says I will guess, Akshu will be singing a song for me. Akshu smiles. Sirat says I know my daughters well. Akshu thinks I have decided to not let mumma’s spoil today. Everyone sits. Akshu sings Janam janam…. She starts crying. Sirat asks why are you crying, are you missing Kartik or Kairav. Surekha says maybe she forgot the song. Sirat says you can sing again. Manish says I m so proud that she learnt playing guitar. Sirat says mumma loves you Akshu, what happened. Aarohi says she got to know that she is mumma’s stepdaughter. Everyone gets shocked.

Manish asks who told you, its not true. Aarohi says she heard mumma and some aunty talking on call. Manish asks which aunty, you got mistaken. He gets angry seeing Sirat. Akshu asks Sirat to say, what’s the truth. Sirat cries. Akshu says that aunty was telling the truth. She runs away. Aarohi asks isn’t Akshu my sister, is she your stepdaughter.

Manish says I will regret a lot, you are good, but your family is cheap, both the girls will get same upbringing, but not the same blood. Aarohi and Akshu hear this. Aarohi asks why are you saying this to my mumma.

Update Credit to: Amena

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