Barrister Babu 19th October 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Trilochan saying my blessings are with you, I want to give you a special blessing today, you are going to become a mother. Bondita asks what… She smiles. Trilochan says I will complete formalities to take you home. Bondita says get ready now, I will trouble you a lot now, you have to smile and tolerate it, right. Batuk thinks Anirudh had to tolerate so much and she is saying he has to tolerate more. He says congrats. She says from teacher and student, we became friends, then lovers and husband-wife, and now mum-dad, our relation got complete, right. He says I will help Kaka and come. He goes.

They come home. Sampoorna does the aarti and says Durga Maa saves you from every bad sight, come. Batuk says stop Bondita, you can’t go in, because its Roy Choudhary’s…. Trilochan says tradition. Batuk says tradition that new bride applies alta and steps in. Sampoorna says she isn’t a newly wedded bride. He says but she is a new mum, she has my baby, she should step inside like that. Sampoorna sends Bihari. Bondita asks are you not shy to say this in front of everyone. Batuk says no, everyone knows I m shameless, I do what I want, its about my son, I can do anything for Roy Choudhary’s son. Sampoorna keeps the alta bowl. Bondita steps in the bowl. She goes inside. Batuk thinks your steps will soon change and go outside. He shouts. Trilochan says Batuk… Beta… Bondita goes to Batuk and asks are you fine. Batuk sees her foot prints. He says I m perfectly fine, something had pricked me, I removed it, you can go inside. She goes. Everyone goes. Batuk wipes her forward footprints. He says I will get Anirudh’s son after nine months, then I will throw you out of this house. Trilochan calls him.

Batuk hugs Somnath. Sampoorna asks why are you getting so emotional. Batuk says two days appeared like years. Tapur teases Bondita. Batuk gets angry. Sampoorna says take Bondita with you, you have to take special care of her. Trilochan signs Batuk. Batuk says yes, I have my entire focus on her and my son. Bondita goes downstairs. He stops. She asks him to come. He sees his room and enters. He sees Anirudh and his pic.

FB shows Anirudh asking Batuk to come, there is no enmity between Krishnanagar and Tulsipur, I got married also, come now. Batuk says I m happy seeing you happy, but I can’t become a part of Bondita’s happiness, I can’t bear the bad memories, sorry. Anirudh says come, everything will be fine, come before it gets too late. FB ends. Batuk says sorry, I got late. Bondita comes and says yes, it got late, truth has come out. He asks what truth. She says you didn’t call Batuk back even on my saying, you just say it, but don’t do anything for me. She makes an upset face. He says he gave his life for her, but she says you don’t do anything. She asks what, did you say anything. He says I know, Batuk won’t come. She asks why can’t he come. He shouts and says Batuk hates you, you are the reason that he isn’t coming. She asks what, is this true. He laughs and says you felt its true, I was joking, your face got pale. She says Batuk is my childhood friend, we used to make each other laugh and also trap. He says you have trapped my family. She says I m missing him, you won’t joke like this again. He says I won’t. She asks won’t you say sorry. He says sorry. She asks will you say it like this.

He recalls Anirudh and holds his ears. She says its okay. She goes. He cries and says I miss you Big D. He goes to the room. He sees Anirudh and Bondita’s wedding pic. He thinks how shall I go in Anirudh’s bedroom, I knew this drama will get tough, but didn’t know it will get so tough. Bondita asks him to come in. He keeps his hand under her foot. He picks the hair pin. She asks what happened, its a small pin. He says it would be small for you, you won’t wear any pin. He removes all the hair pins and loosens her hair. She says careful. She looks at him and asks what happened to you, I have seen your such avatar for the first time. He says our child is coming for the first time, I can’t tolerate if anything happens to him. She asks what if anything happens to me. He says its fine, I mean how can you think so, I m thinking of both of you, you need rest. She says no need. He says you need to rest, its about the child. She says fine, I will rest. She calls him out. She asks are you forgetting anything. He asks what. She says you promised that you will do something special when you get my pregnancy news. He thinks how would I know Anirudh’s promise, what shall I do now.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: Amena

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