Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Mahima ki Chaal ; Akshu Falls in Her Trap !

Manjiri guiding Aarohi for the rasam. Aarohi breaks the laddoo by mistake. Mahima smiles and says its okay, its just a rasam, not real life, that everything should be perfect, it happens. Akshu says things can get fine, we will make laddoo again. Aarohi fixes back the laddoo. Abhi is in the hospital.

Aarohi thinks Abhi isn’t here, I m getting bored here. She sees Mahima. She thinks to apply for MD admission. She calls and asks can I take the admission right now, I saw the last date is today. The man says we can consider you for sure, ifyou are a topper. Aarohi says thanks. She says Abhi will be supportive, I will also do MD. Mahima asks her to come, marriage date is getting fixed. Aarohi thinks to give her a shocker. Mahima thinks to give her a shock. Pandit tells the dates. Harsh and Anand check their schedules and refuse. Kairav says we have to final between these dates. Harsh says a doctor’s life is hectic.

Kairav says sure, medical is also business, people’s lives are imp in simple business also. Harsh argues. He asks him not to compare medical field with other businesses. Kairav says food also saves lives, everyone’s work is imp. Mahima says we will discuss later, we will ask for other mahurat. Suwarna says there is another mahurat, 25th january. Mahima says we will finalize it. They all hug. Anand says this calls for a celebration. Akshu and everyone sing and dance. Badhai ho badhai….plays….

Neil says I don’t find it right. Akshu says it will be right. She goes and hugs Aarohi. Abhi comes home. Akshu collides with him. They have an eyelock. Jaaniye….plays…. He goes and dance with Manjiri. Vansh clicks their selfie. Mahima says Abhi has come, timing is perfect, I have to give you a news, we all know that Aarohi will become Birla’s pride, I decided that Akshara will become a part of Birlas, Akshu will join Birla hospital, she isn’t a MBBS, but we are introducing music therapy, I want her to head the dept, its a good chance for her, it will really help the patients, this is my offer for Akshu, she will join the Birla team. Anand asks what and how. Mahima says now we have a relation, we should get her talents. Harsh asks what’s the need. She says trust me, it will be good for PR also. She asks Akshu does she accept her offer.

Kairav says give her time to think. Everyone takes a leave. Light goes. Abhi stops Akshu and takes her aside. He says you don’t come to the hospital, why did you come here, I thought you won’t come, but you have come. She asks so what. He says it affects me, you don’t get affected, I don’t know why, refuse to Mahima’s offer, I don’t want you around, I m moving on, I m getting married. He switches on the lights and goes. She cries.

Its morning, Abhi is in OT. He hears Akshu’s song and hurts his hand. Aarohi asks him to go and do the bandage. He thanks her and goes. Abhi smiles seeing Akshu. He hears her singing. Everyone claps for her. He thinks I asked you to refuse. She thinks I accepted the offer, I will be here. He asks her to come out. She goes with him. Mahima looks on and says love is powerful, love doesn’t get less.

Abhi and Akshu go to his cabin. They argue. He says I told you to refuse for this job, you never heard my words or my feelings, spare me, stop singing around me, leave the job. She taunts him. She says I m here for work, I m a professional music therapist like you are a heart surgeon, take this as coincidence, our ways are different, Aarohi will be with you now, not me.

Akshu says we have to forget everything, lets be normal. Abhi dances with her and says I m completely normal. Aarohi comes. Manjiri says we have to postpone the marriage date. Dadi asks do you want to keep the marriage or not.

Update Credit to: Amena

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