Barrister Babu 13th October 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Batuk recalling Anirudh’s words. Anirudh asks him to go, even Bondita has gone abroad. Batuk says I don’t want to go. He cries. Anirudh says you won’t come here in holidays, and we won’t come there, don’t write a letter to us, you just take care. Batuk says you are saying this because of the villages enmity. Anirudh says yes, you go abroad and study well. Batuk says Bondita is the root cause of all this, I will never forgive her. FB ends. Batuk dances with his friends.

Anirudh says our men will catch Chandrachur soon. Trilochan says don’t take his name, I think Bondita is making halwa. Anirudh says she is making kheer. Bondita gets halwa for Trilochan and kheer for Anirudh. Sampoorna says you pleased both of them today. Trilochan asks Anirudh to gift Bondita. Anirudh passes the gift. Bihari says someone came to meet you. A man Prabhu Das comes and says I had to come, I read about your case, this is my widow daughter, will you fight her case. Trilochan says Anirudh will fight the case. Anirudh says no, its for women empowerment, Bondita will fight the case. He asks Bondita to prepare for the next win. Prabhu Das says I want to get Kumud remarried, but her in-laws are not ready, she is pregnant, they want their son’s child, they torture her, I want her to stay happy. Bondita says I will fight this case, a mum has the right on her child, not even a dad can snatch that right. Anirudh thinks bravo Bondita and smiles. Trilochan thinks I have to take Batuk’s help before their distance gets deeper.

Bondita comes to the court. A man threatens her and asks her not to fight the widow’s case. Bondita says if you don’t move out of my way, then I can get you severely punished. The waiter says your Kaka has called for you. The girl takes the phone. Batuk says give me the phone. He takes the phone and says no one comes between me and my family. He talks to Trilochan. Trilochan asks him to talk straight. Batuk jokes. Trilochan says I m not okay, I m scared that Anirudh will break down and shatter, I can see that Bondita will get successful as a barrister and Anirudh will be left behind. Bondita says you will see this girl getting justice, I will fight this case, do anything. Trilochan says Bondita is a sharp lawyer, Anirudh gave Bondita a gift, she left it and went to prepare for the case, Anirudh isn’t understanding, he will understand it later and his ego will be hurt, I m scared that this ego can break their relation, I know this will break down Anirudh, I love both of them a lot, but Anirudh is my son, like a son can’t become a bahu, same way a bahu can’t become a son. Batuk shouts blo*dy hell… Trilochan asks do you have a solution for us. Batuk says yes, I have a solution for our family, it will be hell for Bondita, I will teach her values, I will come back to India, back to Tulsipur. Trilochan says yes, come. Batuk says I love you and laughs. The widow’s Saas spills black ink on Bondita’s face. She warns Bondit and makes her wear the slipper garland. Reporters click pics. The lady scolds her. She says don’t fight this widow’s case, we won’t let anyone do the sin of changing our traditions. The people oppose Bondita.

Bondita comes home. She cries. Trilochan says I was afraid for this, look what they did with her. Anirudh says but its not wrong to support the women. Bondita says I m not scared, I had stolen the men’s clothes to explain them how a woman feels when she has to bathe in open, or that time when I slapped your friend Thakur when he wrongly touched me, I will raise a voice to support every widow, I got sweets for my mum, but Mami threw it away, its a rule in the society that a widow shouldn’t get any happiness, I was young that time and couldn’t win, I have become a barrister babu today, I m capable to get the rights to every widow, why can’t I. Anirudh says you fight, I m with you, we will spread this like wild fire, you prepare a good speech to awaken courage in all the widows to get their rights. She says yes and holds his hand. Rishta tera mera….plays… Trilochan looks on and says Batuk, come soon and stop Bondita from becoming uncontrollable wind, make her so calm that Anirudh and family stay happy. Batuk shouts and says I will teach her to stay as Anirudh’s wife, not just Bondita, she is Bondita Anirudh Roy Choudhary.

Precap: A few people drag Bondita in a river. Anirudh comes searching for her and sees her floating in the water. He jumps in and holds her hand.

Update Credit to: Amena

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