Bhagya Lakshmi 1st December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Lakshmi asking Dada ji what will be my benefit. Dada ji says your friend will get a good husband and my Viraj will get a good wife. Lakshmi asks how can I help you? Dada ji says I thought Malishka is best and that’s why announced their wedding. He says I want to see Viraj married before my death. Lakshmi says Dada ji, I have accepted you as my Dadu and asks do you regard me as your grand daughter. He says yes. Lakshmi asks him not to talk about death. He asks will you help me? Lakshmi says yes. Dada ji asks her to convince Viraj to marry Malishka and says I gave him 15 mins to think. Lakshmi says ok, I will talk to him as Malishka is the best girl for him. Dadu says Viraj can’t get better girl than her. Rishi closes the door and asks Malishka what does she want? She says I don’t want to live without you and loves you. Rishi says but you are marrying Viraj. Malishka says this is a sin for me, but my Dad showed me the truth which I don’t want to see. She says he told me that you are married now etc. He says you are listening to your dad, who left you and your dad. Malishka says My dad and Mom’s relation is far better than your mother and dad’s relation. Rishi asks her to say. Malishka says I don’t want to say anything. He says you wanted to wait for a year and asks if she will wait like this, and talks big. She says you told that you love me, but got married to Lakshmi. Rishi says you forced me to marry Lakshmi. She says I don’t want you to marry her. Lakshmi comes to Viraj and says she wants to talk to him. Viraj says he has to reply to Dada ji after 15 mins. Lakshmi asks why he wants to refuse and tells that Malishka is a good girl. He asks if Dada ji sent you and calls him. Dada ji comes out. Viraj says I told you that I will think and let you know. Dada ji asks Lakshmi to talk to him and goes. Viraj says Dada ji might pressurized you to convince me. Lakshmi says he loves you a lot and wants you to settle down. He says times are changing now. Lakshmi asks where will you go after a tiring day, if nobody is at home. Viraj says party, who likes empty home. Lakshmi asks family or friends. Viraj says friends. She asks if someone is at home, who is in near your heart, someone special, then? She asks shall I tell everyone that you agree for marriage.

Rishi asks why did you agree for marriage then? Malishka says due to your Mom. She says she told me about Kundali dosh etc. Rishi says you asked me to marry Lakshmi. Malishka says I was fooled to tell you and says my trust was that my love will never change. Rishi says I love you always madly. Malishka says one thing is changed, now you love Lakshmi too. Viraj says ok, you have convinced me to marry, and I shall marry. He says you have told some facts, and says yes, I want to come home to my someone special, and says that person will be the one whom my heart likes. He says she can be anyone, and can be foreigner too. Lakshmi says I will not let you marry foreigner girl and asks if she can understand the love which you have for your dada ji. She says may be she understand once, but if she will understand India inside you. She says if she will accept our culture, customs etc. She says you have kept this Punjabi theme party for Dada ji, but even you wanted to see Indian Diwali. She says you will get much love from Indian girl and tells that Malishka is best for him, she is good from a good family and asks did you hear her talking wrong. He says no. Lakshmi praises her and says she is like a daughter of Rishi’s house, as she deserves this. She says nobody is perfect, even I have flaws and may be Malishka too have. She asks him to see her goodness and asks him to think about their children, whom Malishka will handle well. He says ok, I didn’t think so deep. Rishi says what are you saying, I care for Lakshmi. He says my breath stopped when I heard about Viraj and your marriage. He says you are my first love and I love you. He says 5 times. Malishka says you got married, and saying me I love you. She says she will do the same thing. He asks what are you saying? He asks have you gone mad? He asks her to cancel her marriage with Viraj and asks her to say once. She says I love you and says if you want me to cancel my marriage with Viraj, then you have to break your marriage with Lakshmi, right now.

Viraj says I trust you and your choice, and says that’s why I agree for this marriage. Lakshmi asks him to tell dada ji. Viraj says Malishka doesn’t want to marry. She asks if you are having an affair? Viraj says what, then why would I have agreed? Lakshmi asks will you keep her happy and will become her friend too. He says you can’t be like Rishi. He asks arrogant. He asks her to talk to Rishi and asks him to convince Malishka. Lakshmi says ok, I will ask Rishi to talk to him. Lakshmi says ok and goes. Viraj thinks she is such a sweet girl and shall get love. Lakshmi thinks to make Rishi understand that Viraj is right for Malishka, and will become like him for her. An old lady comes there and asks what is she searching? Lakshmi says Rishi. Old lady says he is in guest room with Malishka.

Ayush asks Shalu what is her problem, why is she roaming around him. Shalu says you are safe with me. Ayush says he wants the girls to get attracted to him. Shalu says see the dreams, but who cares if your dream don’t come true. He says I didn’t see such a girl before. He says now I know why you are attracted towards me. Shalu asks him to say. Ayush says negative attracts to positive and viceversa.

Abhay tells Dadu that they were eager to announce. Dada ji says they were close, but Viraj refused. Viraj comes there and asks Dadu ji if he was enquiring holding the rose. He says I agree for this marriage. Dada ji says Lakshmi has talent. Viraj says she didn’t force her words on me, she made me understand well. Dada ji laughs and praises her and says she is pure like Gangajal. He says until she loves then everything is good, and when she hates someone there is no limitation for her hatred and the person whom she hates, her hatred won’t be good for him.

Rishi tells Malishka that he is ready to marry her now itself. Malishka gets happy and hugs him. Dada ji says Lakshmi has the diya spark in her, which can burn the entire house and if it burns as diya’s jyoot then can make the house lighten up with lights. He says it depends on the karma, she is Devi. Just like Saraswati, she is boon for good and destruction for bad people. He says she will become Durga and will destroy. He says nothing shall happen with her. He says she will risk her life to save someone, can bear her injuries, but will never bear lie and betrayal. Abhay asks why are you saying this for Lakshmi. Dada ji says she is like this only, Rakshak and Vinayashak.

Malishka tells that she is very happy with this relation. Lakshmi comes there and says I know what is going on here. She says I didn’t expect this from you. She asks what are you doing, you liked to fool me.

Precap: Abhay tells Kiran that it is better for everyone, that Malishka shall forget Rishi. He says Rishi will never return in her life. Lakshmi asks why didn’t you tell me? Malishka angrily says it is good that you came to know everything. Lakshmi goes. Rishi thinks what did I do, she is upset with me, I shall talk to her. Later he apologizes to Lakshmi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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