Choti Sardarni 30th November 2021 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Kulwant says who can know better than you the value of life. You saved so many people’s lives. Karan says you are therefore we are. You are our strength. Param says we will be shattered if you stay like this. Seher says I am shattered. I can never forget. When my baby.. Kulwant says there’s no word to call a mother who loses her kids. Who knows it better than me. I have lost my Jagga and Meher. Kulwant cries. They try to console her. Kulwant says but you have to live with this pain. You are not alone. I am with you. So are your brothers and your uncles. We are your strength. Please sleep. Seher sleeps. Param puts a blanket on her. Kulwant says let her sleep.

Kulwant comes to Seher’s room later but she’s not sleeping. Bitu and Rana say mummy ji why do you have suit in your hand that you are wearing? She says we will wear the same dress. Seher recalls they used to wear same colored suits in childhood. Kulwant used to buy them clothes. Param and Karan used to prpeare a tent for Seher with her favorite color. They said what’s your favorite is ours. Karan says Seher your favorite tent. Pink colored. Kulwant says I thought you would wear clothes of the same color. This tent is so pretty. She says Seher I was right? Tiy love it right? Seher recalls that moment. She says everything is over. My love. Kulwant says if Rajveer wanted he could get his sister arrested but he saved her instead. I know you don’t like it but I don’t trust Rajveer. He gave your place to his sister. You should forget him, forever. Seher says that can never happen.

Scene 2
The media reports that Rajveer has been released from the jail. Seher is happy. Kulwant asks her friend to look for a guy for Seher. Param and Karan are shocked. Kulwant says start talking to the family. I will speak to Seher. Param says isn’t this too early? Kulwant says I regret what I did with Meher and will always do. But I want to get Seher out of this pain. She will find a guy who loves her and start her family. Karan says please think. Kulwant says I have thought. Seher has to move on in her life.

Scene 3
Rajveer comes to the house. He says where are my things? She says I did it so you don’t recall the past. Rajveer sees that Seher’s things are gone from there. Rajveer gives her an old box. Harshdeep says what is this? Rajveer opens it. It has his childhood things. Rajveer says this watch.. my first watch. You got it on my 6th birthday. This dairy on my farewell. This chessboard. Do you remmeber all this stuff? Your 26 years of love. I am returning it to you. Harshdeep is shocked. Rajveer says take it back. I am returning your memories Mrs. Harshdeep Kaur Babbar. Harshdeep is shocked. She says Raj… He says let me go. He throws the box. It falls. Harshdeep picks it. She says Raj please listen.. He comes to the hall and picks a pot. She says please don’t do this. Rajveer says just stop it. I am not your brother. I was a toy for you, the one you always wanted to use. I called you my mom. Not sister. A mother makes her child her life. and world and you.. You made me your toy. For yor wishes to come true. Yo’re selfish. You murdered my happiness. Harshdeep says let me explain please. Rajveer says what will you explain? I understood it all.

Seher thinks about Rajveer. She says I lost my child. I won’t lose my love. I want my love back. Rajveer says but never loved me. You only love yourself in the whole world. I love Seher more than my life and will always do. No matter what happens. Seher says I love you Raj. I won’t let our marriage break. I will come to you. She gets ready. Rajveer says you’re dead to my. My relation with you is over Mrs. Harshdeep Kaur. You’re not my sister, I am not your toy anymore. It’s all over. He breaks the chain she gave him. He takes off his shoes and watch. Harshdeep says what are you doing.

Kulwant checks the house. She felt like someone left. Rajveer says is there any last wish. Everything is over from today. Seher arrives there.

Episode ends.

Precap-Seher comes to the temple. Rajveer is there. She looks for him. Rajveer hides from. He comes in front of her. Seher says where were you going? He says away from you. Seher says I love you a lot.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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