Bhagya Lakshmi 25th October 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Shalu seeing Rishi with Malishka in the inauguration. She doesn’t see Malishka and thinks jiju didn’t want Di to come, as he wanted to go with this girl. Lakshmi reaches there and asks the people to move. Just then her slipper breaks and she stands behind. Rishi inaugurates the showroom with Malishka and gets inside. Lakshmi thinks Rishi has to inaugurate without me here. Malishka and Rishi are taking pics, while she is hugging him. Lakshmi doesn’t see her.

Dadi, Neelam and Karishma come home. Dadi asks Neelam to call Lakshmi. Ahana says Lakshmi bhabhi went to Gracious showroom’s ribbon cutting ceremony with Rishi. Karishma gets shocked. Shalu reaches there and sees Lakshmi standing out. She asks are you fine? Lakshmi says Rishi was here, I had reached, but someone pushed and my slipper broke. She says he had to inaugurate alone. Shalu says I had seen, he had inaugurated with a girl and he has an affair with some girl, and then he hugged her too. Lakshmi says it must be a misunderstanding. Malishka and Rishi tell Uncle that they will leave. Uncle thanks them for coming. Rishi and Malishka are about to leave. Shalu shows the pics to Lakshmi. Lakshmi watches them and says no. Shalu says there is nothing like you are thinking. She says it happens in the city, not in our village. She says Rishi’s friends hugged him, even in his birthday party. She says there is nothing like that. Shalu says why he didn’t call you even after reaching here, and haven’t told that you was with a girl – friend. She asks if friends hug like this? She asks her to believe her, and says he might be still inside, come with me. Rishi and Malishka are coming there, when someone brings the board and Lakshmi and Shalu couldn’t see them. Rishi and Malishka go from there. Lakshmi says love is trust. Shalu says there are many feelings of love and asks why you are not feeling the fear of losing love. She says the happiness which you gets to find love, there will be much more fear for losing love. She asks her to love him, but don’t have a blind faith. Lakshmi says what are you saying? Shalu says I can’t see you blindly believing and says if you come to know that he likes someone else, then how you will feel. Lakshmi says then I will feel bad. Shalu says world is not like you, if that witch traps jiju then. Karishma calls Malishka and thinks her phone is constantly out of reach. She thinks if she shall inform everyone. Lakmi says may be. Shalu says lets go inside and see. Lakshmi says I will call Rishi. She calls Rishi and asks where is he? Rishi says he was in the meeting and didn’t see her call. She says you have reached home so soon. He says the inauguration was cancelled so I reached home, then has meetings lined up. He asks if she has any work and tells that he is in the meeting. Shalu makes her see Rishi as he goes in his car. Lakshmi ends the call. Shalu says we shall see the girl’s face, but they couldn’t see Malishka’s face. She says some girl was with jiju and she must be trapping him. Lakshmi says she can’t make Rishi lie. She says he lied with his wish, this is not right, something is really wrong. She wipes her tears and thinks we shall find out who is that girl and why Rishi lied to me. Shalu takes her in auto and asks driver to follow the car.

Karishma calls Malishka and asks if they are still there. Malishka says they left from event and are going to office. She says she will call her after reaching office. Lakshmi and Shalu reach office behind Rishi and Malishka’s car. Lakshmi says I will only talk to him. She asks how do you know about love. Shalu says I will tell later. Jennifer comes to the office to thank Rishi for the inauguration. Receptionist asks her to wait. Shalu sees Jennifer and tells Lakshmi that it was her. Malishka thanks Karishma for informing her and is wearing some other dress. She says Lakshmi is here. Karishma asks her not to admit about loving Rishi. Lakshmi asks Malishka if they are having an affair. Malishka is shocked and thinks thank God, Jennifer is here and is wearing the similar gown, now Lakshmi will doubt her. Lakshmi says due to you, Rishi and I are together. She says you are the way to unite Rishi and me, and now even I have relation with you, of a friend. She says you are good and think good about me always. She says you are Rishi’s friend and was with him in college too. Malishka says Rishi will never do anything like that, you are misunderstanding him. Lakshmi says I don’t doubt unnecessarily and trust him more than myself. She says I can’t tell this to anyone at home, and says everyone will feel bad thinking that their son. She says Rishi lied to me. Malishka hides her gown behind the sofa. Lakshmi says he was in the jewellery store and went from infront of me. She says I am not stupid, I don’t think why Rishi will do this, he can’t have an affair, lie and betrayal. He is good. Malishka says Rishi is an one woman man and asks her to trust her. Lakshmi says I want to talk to that girl once and asks her to help her catch her. Jennifer comes out. Lakshmi says you and asks if you are having an affair with my husband? Malishka asks Jennifer to go from there. She tells Lakshmi that she is a salesgirl and asks how she can have affair with Rishi. Lakshmi says if she is not, then who was that girl. She asks Malishka to help her catch that girl.

Precap: Lakshmi gets Rishi’s pic with Malishka, but doesn’t see her face. He asks what are you hiding? Lakshmi says whatever you have hidden. Neelam says this is her first karwachauth and Lakshmi needs to keep it for Rishi’s longlife. Rishi asks Lakshmi not to keep fast for him. Neelam says we are making this fast special for Lakshmi, finally our son will benefit. Dadi asks Rishi what is he saying? Rishi says you knows everything, then also asking Lakshmi to keep karwachauth fast for me. Lakshmi hears them carefully.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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