Choti Sardarni 26th November 2021 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Seher prays for everyone. Poeople get out of the plane. Seher sees that her mangalsutra is looking. She looks for it. Rema tries to get the way out. Seher says Rema you go, I will bring your baby. Malani takes Rema out. Rajveer hits Ajmal. He tries to snatch his gun. Ajmal kicks Rajveer. He shoots. Seher picks the child. Malani comes. Seher asks this gunshot? She says I don’t know. Please hurry up.

Harshdeep says to Sinha why are we not shooting the terrorists? He says we have everyone not just your brother and DIL. Ajmal points gun at Rajveer. He shoots but there are no bullets. Rajveer runs to him. ajmal hits him. He runs towards the plan. Seher looks for her mangalsutra. She finds it. She picks it. Seher tries to get out of the plane. Asser is taken to police van. The officer says no more terrorist in the plane. He says there are two dead bodies and one this. Where is the fourth one?

Scene 2
Seher walks towards the gate. Ajmal comes there. He says you’re the reason why everyone was saved. I will not leave you now. I will kill this kid first and then you. Seher says don’t even dare to touch the child. She throws things at him. Seher keeps the baby aside. She hits Ajaml. The abby cries. Ajmal shoves Seher. He tries to go to the baby. Seher stops him. Ajaml shoves her. seher falls by her belly. She screams. Seher screams in pain. Ajmal picks the gun and is about to shoot Seher. Someone shoots Ajmal. It’s Rajveer. Ajmal runs to Seher. She has fainted. Ajmal says open your eyes Seher. You’re fine. He cries and says Seher nothing would happen to you. Rema comes to the plane. She picks her child. She says thank God you’re fine. REma looks at Seher and blood on her legs. She cries. Rema says to save my child you lost yours. Rajveer hugs Seher. He cries.

Rajveer tries to get her up. Ajmal finds a grenade and opens it. He throws it towards them. Rajveer and Seher are on the stairs. The plane blasts. Rajveer just comes out of it. Kulwant screams Seher.. She says my Seher was inside. I need to see her. Everyone is worried. Seher adn Rajveer fall on the ground. They see their moments with each other. Rajveer looks at Seher. He tries to hold her hand. Seher opens her eyes. Seher recalls her moments with rajveer.

Scene 3
Seher and Rajveer are rushed to emergency. Param and Karan scream. The kids cry. The nurse says you can’t go in. The media surround the people. Seher and Rajveer are rushed to OT. The doctor says we have to stop the bleeding otherwise we can’t save her life. Kulwant comes and says I want to go to my daughter. Param and Karan hold her. Kulwant says nothing will happen to my Seher. The doctor says call the senior doctor. Kulwant cries outside. She says to the doctor I want my Seher okay. I beg you. Please save my Seher. Gaitri comes and says please allow me to join you. She goes in. Gaitri says don’t worry Kulwant. I will save her.

Media surrounds Harshdeep. They say you shouldn’t have invovled in this. Was your strategy wrong in this matter? Harshdeep says you will get your answers. Reporter says what about your borther fleeing from the jail? Could this attack be stopped if Seher wasn’t on the plane? Harsh leaves.

Gaitri treats Seher. Everyone prays for her outside. Seher takes Rajveer’s name.

Episode ends

Precap-Seher loses her heart beat. Gaitri says Seher.. Rajveer comes in and says you are my love. You’re my life. Gaitri says Seher is non more. Rajveer screams no.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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