Imlie : Agastya Marries Imlie !

Imlie tries to stop Agastya to put vermillion but a drop of blood falls in her head,she touches the blood and Agastya leaves.Imlie recalls that her friends tells Imlie girls like us never gets this vermillion,she tells them that one day a person will come in her life and give her love, respect.Pandit ji tells Amma ji this was aspicious time and whoever gets married they live happily forever.

The lawyer comes and congrats Agastya that the marriage is regeristerd now they are husband and wife.Pandit ji takes Amma ji permission and leaves.Amma ji apologies Johri ji but he is in anger and tells Agastya has insult them infront of their realitives.Imlie gets call of mama,Imlie learns from mama that Ashu is fine and the operation is successful.The doctor tells Imlie Ashu is better now and for the 6 months she have to bring for the therapy and she have to arrange the money for further treatment.Mama congrats Imlie and Imlie tells all thanks to Radha Rani.

Amma ji apologies Johri and Johri tells Amma ji if Noyonika did anything wrong with herself Agastya will be responsible.Amma ji is shocked, Sonali tells Amma ji that Agastya is still kid and does not have sense to run the business,if Agastya is a real Chaudhary he will never go beyond Amma ji.Amma ji is hurt.
Agastya drives faster to reach home and his car break down.Sonali and Alka takes the advantages of the situation,she blames Agastya have insult them and everyone one.

Amma ji feels shame infront of Noyonika and her family.Amma ji tells he was proud of Agastya but now she feels hurt and disrespect.Amma ji is going to give Chaudhary sweets business to Sonali and tells her to sign the papers suddenly Agastya arrive in bike and snatch the papers from Sonali’s hand.

Precap: Amma ji is in Anger and wants to know the family details of the girl he marry.

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