Imlie : Atharva feels Sad & Depressed Over Imlie’s Response

Chini snatches mehandi cone from Imlie and says according to ritual, only bride and married women apply mehandi, and since Imlie doesn’t stay with Atharva literally like husband and wife, she cannot apply mehandi. Imlie asks her to stop believing old traditions and enjoy the moments. Keya says she is insulting their tradition. Imlie asks if she knows what tradition means in Hindi. Keya stands speechless.

Imlie says its parampara which is made to spread happiness, mehandi doesn’t differentiate between humans, whether its applied on a daughter or father or anyone else. Everyone smile and praise Imlie. Medhandi technician says Imlie si right, she will apply most beautiful designs on her hand. Rupali says she is proud of her. Imlie insists and applies mehandi on Shivani’s hand. Shivani smiles on her for the first time.

Chini gets jealous seeing that and tells Anu that she knows to handle Imlie. Imlie applies mehandi on her hand. Chini snatches cone from her again saying she is not a suhagan. She asks mehandi designer to write her lover’s name in hindi and looking at Atharva says A.. Another Mehandi designer writes Atharva’s name on Imlie’s hand and says she knows she is Atharva’s wife. Arpita says Imlie and Atharva are her favorite couple, they both are very adorable. Imlie gets emotional seeing Atharva’s name on her hand. Chini fumes seeing Abhishek’s name on her hand and tries to wipe it. Atharva asks if anything is wrong. Chini says spelling is wrong. Abhishek checks and says its perfect.

Atharva notices Imlie’s tears and tells her that she can wipe off his name. Imlie says its okay as as per ritual, husband’s name is written on hand, she is happy writing her friend’s name. Atharva says she is breaking all the rituals today and wirtes Imlie’s name on his hand. Dheeme Dheeme Dil Dhadke.. song lays in the background. Chini gets jealous seeing that. After some time, Chini visits Imlie and asks why didn’t she wipe off Arto’s name on her hand. Imlie says Arto is her friend. Chini asks why don’t she spare Arto, she still loves Arto in lieu of friendship. Imlie stands silent. Chini insists her to accept truth and asks when did she become Arto’s friend. Arto listens to them. Chini accuses Imlie that she wants to stay with Arto in lieu of helping him move on. She insists to to reply if she loves Arto or not. Imlie says no.

Atharva thinks why is he feeling surprised when Imlie doesn’t love him and walks away feeling shattered. Imlie says she doesn’t except love from Atharva and knows selfish Chini doesn’t love anyone and can destroy anyone for her happiness. She warns Chini that she considers Rana family as her family and will not let Chini’s evil eyes fall on them. Chini stands fuming. After some time, Imlie looks at her mehandi and thnks she wants to erase Atharva’s name from her heart, but can’t. She feels she loves Atharva so much that has become a burden on her, she can’t carry so much burden, etc. She thinks there is only one way to stop all this an continues her heavy dialogues.

Precap: Imlie tells Atharva that its time to go away from his life forever. Chini tells Atharva that today is her and Abhishek’s wedding, they will separate forever if he doesn’t react. Atharva looks at them both and thinks he knows what to do.

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