Imlie : Atharva to Divorce Imlie?

Imlie shows Chini’s lost earring. Chini asks where did she find it. Imlie says on a same mattress she fell on, its proved that she dramatized her suicide attempt and jumped on a mattress. Chini stands speechless. Imlie says she always played drama which affected Rupali, Sundar, and Arpita and left them in tears; she is so selfish and never changed, etc. Chini laughs and says now Imlie has grown up and understands her nature, now she will enjoy snatching Arto from her. Imlie says she will expose her in front of everyone. Chini says that will not happen as she defeated Imlie.

Shivani tells Rudra and Devika that due to Imlie and Atharva’s friendship, Imlie will be defamed and her character will be questioned, so the only solution to avoid all this is their divorce. Rudra asks if she is in her senses. Shivani says they forced children for marriage and children are tolerating each other for their sake. Devika says children are getting closer and they are best friends now. Shivani says even thief friendship is forced and they should end it.

Rudra says he doesn’t agree with her view, he believes Rudra and Atharva will accept each other once day. Atharva recalls Shivani and Divya critizing Imlie often and says he never gave happiness to Imlie by having a relationship wither and will give her happiness by breaking their relationship and giving her a freedom she deserves. Shivani grins hearing that. Devika asks what does he mean. Atharva walks away saying he will divorce Imlie. Devika starts crying.

Imlie asks Chini what does she mean that she defeated her. Chini says she got Imlie out of Atharva’s love, nobody will believe her if she says Chini did a suicide attempt drama without any proof. Imlie determines to get proof and stop Atharva from suffering. Athharva doesn’t get sleep recalling Imlie saying she doesn’t love Atharva and reporters questioning Imlie’s character.

He fumes on reporters and thinks she can’t control himself when he sees Imlie crying, she will continue to cry until she is with him, so she has to send her away form her. Imlie calls Chini’s challenge to get evidence against her and prays god to help her gather evidence against Chini. Atharva thinks he won’t hesitate to die if it can bring happiness for Imlie. Chini walks in corridor, bumps on Atharva, and hug him. They then realize its her imagination and determines to free him from Chini’s lies.

Next morning, Imlie notices Chini enjoying juice and hopes she finds proof against her soon. She further notices Atharva preparing food for Devika by watching a video. She asks him if he loves Devika so much. He says he thanks god 10 times a day for giving him such a diamond wife. Chini finds a cheque on floor and picksit. Imlie records video and thinks she is caught. Chini returns cheque to Rudra.

Keya says selfish Chini changed suddenly. Chini says she needs elder’s blessings and not money now. She walks to Imlie and taunts her to play her childish games with someone else. Atharva receives a courier and looks at the papers. Devika asks what kind of papers are these. Atharva says some documents and goes to his room. Imlie thinks why he looks upet. Atharva pulls out papers from envelope and looks at divorce papers.

Precap: Sai tells Virat that she will stay at Chavan nivas until her mission is complete and will leave after that. She asks im to promise that she can meet Vinu anytime and affectionate him anytime. He says that’s okay. She says he will repent if someone else comes in her life. He says that’s okay.

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