Imlie 10th May : Amrit Blackmails Imlie !

The episode unfolds with a chance encounter between Imlie and Anjali, leading to a startling discovery – a vial of poison in Anjali’s possession. Intrigued and alarmed, Imlie tails Anjali, with Bulbul joining the pursuit. The chase culminates in a confrontation, with Imlie questioning Bulbul’s sinister intentions at her sister’s wedding.

Anjali confesses to having laced Imlie’s juice with poison, a plan that goes awry when Surya unwittingly picks up the tainted drink. Imlie springs into action, dashing to save Surya while Bulbul detains Anjali. In a dramatic turn of events, Imlie manages to knock the poisoned juice from Surya’s grasp. Anjali’s nefarious plot is laid bare before all, leading to a heated exchange with Surya, who accuses her of a grave crime.

Pallo Mami urges Surya to temper his voice, wary of alerting Prashant’s family. Surya, however, is unyielding, declaring his lack of affection for Anjali and his desire to never see her again. Anjali retaliates by blaming Imlie for driving a wedge between them. Imlie, in turn, expresses pity for Anjali, accusing her of being driven to madness by her failed attempts to eliminate her love. Anjali slaps Surya, accusing him of always insulting her, to which Imlie defends Surya, asserting his care for her. Anjali spitefully remarks on Imlie’s success in winning Surya’s love, much like Agasyta in her life. Surya decides to press charges against Anjali for attempted murder, despite Imlie’s pleas for reconsideration.

Imlie convinces Surya to not press charges against Anjali, leading to Surya granting Anjali a final chance, courtesy of Imlie, and asking her to leave. Amidst the chaos, Prashant’s mother signals Pallo Mami that it’s time for Bulbul’s farewell. Anjali, now desperate, seeks Amrit’s help in her vendetta against Imlie. Meanwhile, Imlie begins packing her belongings, preparing to depart for Benaras alone. She pens a heartfelt letter to Surya and hands over divorce papers to Indira.

In the next episode, Amrit blackmails Imlie into calling Surya and accepting blame for the demise of his family, a conversation overheard by Indira. The episode ends on this suspenseful note.

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