Imlie 9th May : Will Imlie Sign Divorce Papers ?

Imlie feels upset looking at her and Surya’s divorce papers and is about to sign them when Surya walks in and she hides papers. Surya says let’s go. Surya says to Bulbul’s wedding, they need to wear fancy dress as per Bulbul’s request and need to act as happy married couple for a day. Imlie hides papers in her bag and accompanies him to Pallo’s house. Pallo welcomes Surya and asks Imlie to go and check if Bulbul got ready. Imlie walks to Bulbul’s room and feels happy seeing her in a bridal attire. Bulbul happily hugs her. Imlie asks since when she got so courageous and moved on in life after so much happened in her life. Bulbul says she learnt it from her and praises Imlie for suffering so much and loving her dear ones while her dear ones abandoned her, falling in love again in life with Surya, etc..

Pallo proudly introduces Surya to her guests as a big police officer Surya Pratap Reddy. Surya says he is Pallo’s son-in-law. He asks Pallo to take care of groom Pratap today as it’s his best day today. He praises Imlie for giving good sanskars to Imlie and Bulbul. Anjali walks in hiding her face suspiciously. Surya notices her, but Pallo diverts his attention when Bulbul walks out as bride. Bulbul and Pratap’s wedding rituals start. Surya throws flowers on Imlie subconsciously and gets nervously. Imlie gets emotionally and lies her head on his shoulder. Anjali gets jealous seeing that and spikes juice. Imlie gets conscious and walks inside the house teary eyed.

Imlie looks at divorce papers. Bulbul walks in to call her and is shocked to notice divorce papers. Imlie hides them. Bulbul asks if they are divorce papers and asks why she is divorcing Surya when she loves him. Imlie says Indira asked her to divorce Surya before Surya goes out of station for higher studies, she doesn’t love Surya and it’s better if she divorces him. Bulbul says she fell in Pratap’s love seeing Imlie falling in Surya’s love, she believed in marriage, but she doesn’t now and will leave Prashant. Imlie tries to convince her that she needs a second chance in life. Bulbul says even Imlie needs a second chance and she can see love for Surya in her eyes. Imlie sends her out to complete rituals. Surya searches for Imlie holding spiked juice glass and offers it to Imlie. Imlie says she will have it later. Anjali watching them fears that Surya may have it..

Precap: Surya tells Imlie that Anjali became psycho and talked rubbish. Prashant’s mother calls Pallo for bidayi ritual.

Update Credit to: MA

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