Imlie: Chaudhry’s Shocked to See Surya !

Surya visits Chaudhry house and asks if everyone is in, he is here to buy this house in auction. Imlie locks the door from inside. Surya says he didn’t know she is so much interested in it. Imlie asks her to look at the house carefully as she won’t let him enter her babu’s house again tomorrow. Surya says it will be his house and not babu’s from tomorrow. Imlie says she will not let him attend auction venue at all and throws keys out of the house. Sonali calls Imlie and says nobody came for auction yet. Imlie says she did her job and now the auction date will be postponed. Auctioner says since nobody came for the auction, it will be canceled.

Malati walks in and says she is here for the auction on Surya Pratap Reddy’s side. Imlie is shocked to hear that. Agastya cuts call and taunts her while barging into a policeman’s house, she should remember not to leave any evidence. He shows her nosepin which she dropped by mistake while escaping from his house. She stands more shocked. He says now his sister will buy this house dirt cheap as there is no other bidder. Imlie says she will not let that happen and tries to open the door in vain. Surya laughs on her and asks she has memory loss, she herself locked the house.

Bidding starts. Malati bids 75 lakhs. Sonali says she will sell her jewelry and car and can gather 75 lakhs. Malati bids 1 crore. Manno say she will sell her wedding jewelry and gather 1 crore. Malati bids 2 crores. Chaudhrys stand speechless. Auctioner concludes the bid for 2 crores and says the house belongs to Surya Pratap Reddy now. Surya laughs on Imlie saying his sister would have bought the house by now, Chaudhrys would be in a shock to see Agastya’s doppelganger buying their house and kicking them out of it. Imlie pleads him to spare her family and not scratch their wounds by coming in front of them.

Surya asks if Chaudhrys are very important to him that she faces humiliation by them and is living as a maid for them. Imlie nods yes. Surya says even he loves his family and can do anything for them; in simple words, he will not go anywhere without meeting her baby’s family. He hears door knocks and opens the lock with Imlie’s hairpin. Chaudhrys walk in and Sonali asks Paro/Imlie to bring water for everyone. Imlie walks to them wearing pallu. Surya walks in front of them. They are all shocked to see Agastya’s doppelganger. Daadi touches him emotionally and collapses calling him Gattu. Doctor comes to treat her.

Sonali asks Imlie asks who is he who looks like Agastya. Imlie says he is not Agastya, just looks like him, he is not a good man. Doctor writes a prescription for Daadi. Manno asks Alka how can 2 people who are not related look so similar. Alka recalls stealing Agastya’s twin brother and abandoning him. Surya introduces himself and says he bought this house via his sister, why they are all in shock seeing him, why their daadi was calling him gattu. Govind shows him Agastya’s photo. Surya acts as shocked and says he looks exactly like him. Rajni says their son is dead and god sent him in his place. Govind says they will vacate the house by evening. Surya says their grandmother’s is ill and hence they can stay here tonight, he will come tomorrow morning. Daadi asks him to stay back as he looks and has a good heart like Agastya. Surya asks if he can call her Daadimaa as she looks like his grandmother. Daadi emotionally nods yes.

Precap: Surya protects Imlie from rain and asks who will save her family from him. Imlie says she will save his family from his evil intentions.

Update Credit to: MA

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