Imlie: Imlie Finds Out About Pranav !

Imlie checks pen drive hidden in god’s idol and prepares for pooja singing in her usual style. Aparna walks in. Imlie says its her village’s festival bhajan and asks her to sing along. Aparna agrees and repeats. Imlie happily dances. Whole family joins and sings with her. Pranav joins them and looks at his mobile repeatedly. Imlie takes his phone and keeps it aside. Adi enters speaking to editor that he has solid evidence against MLA. Nishant comments everyone gets god’s call, but Adi gets his editor’s call.

Imlie asks Adi to join them. Adi jokes on her. Pankaj asks Adi if he is covering a smuggler and MLA’s story. Adi says yes. Pankaj asks him to take Imlie as intern in this story. Malini says Imlie is taking care of navratri celebration and may get distracted. Adi says Imlie’s internship has already started from home. Harish asks MLA’s name. Adi says his name is Adarsh Kant. Pranav’s phone rings. Imlie goes to get his phone. Pranav rushes and picks his phone thinking it must be of MLA’s. Imlie asks why did he rush, its a suspicious act in her village. He says he was turning phone silent as Adi got an important call.

Rupali enters and says she will serve prasad to everyone. Radha asks her to spend time with Pranav. Pranav looks at idol thinking how to get pen drive from idol. Imlie asks why is he staring at idol. He says he is praying god. Aparna asks Imlie to invite locality people to come and receive prasad. She leaves dancing.

Pranav enters Dhruv and Nidhi’s room and speaks to MLA over phone. He thinks how to get pen drive while he is either surrounded by oldies or Rupali, then thinks Rupali can be an easy target . He then sees I love you greeting and takes it along to lure Rupali. Imlie clashes with him and scolds if he has eyes or buttons, what was he doing in Dhruv and Nidhi’s room. He hides card and says she cannot stop him with whatever she tries and he will succeed in his plan, leaving her confused.

Imlie in her village style roams around locality in a rickshaw and invites whole locality to come and receive prasad at 6 p.m. tonight. She then interacts with policemen and after a long chat invites even them. She then returns home and informs what she did. Malini says they prepared limited prasad. Imlie says if there is devotion in mind, they can share limited prasad with everyone. Rupali enters and happily shows Pranav’s given card. Imlie remembers seeing it in Dhruv’s room and realizes Pranav stole it.

Rupali says Pranav never expressed his feelings like this, he is changing and she likes it. Imlie calls Meethi and explaining whole story seeks her opinion. Mithi suggests her to discuss her doubt against Pranav to Rupali before Rupali hopes too high. Imlie says Rupali is very happy with Pranav’s return. Mithi asks if she can forgive herself if Rupali’s heart breaks again. Rupali in her room looks at her and Pranav’s wedding pic. Imlie walks to her and informs her that Pranav stole card from Dhruv’s room and maybe he is acting as loving her.

Precap: Malini asks Imlie not to provoke Rupali against her husband. Imlie says Pranav betrayed Rupali before. Malini says even Imlie betrayed and backstabbed her, she forgave her, then who is Imlie to ask Rupali not to forgive Pranav.

Update Credit to: MA

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