Katha Ankahee 13th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Farah requests Teji to cheer up. Ehsan questions. Teji is worried about Viaan, he left unannounced. Farah is sure that Viaan would have something important to do. Teji is worried about their morning ritual, they were talking about it 3 days back but now he isn’t picking the call. Farah questions Teji for not valuing her and Ehsan being here all dressed. Teji tells that it’s her time to get upset not Faraha.

Katha notices Yuvraj celebrating Holi with his wife. She receives a call from Ehsan celebrating her Holi with the taunt for Katha forgetting her friend. Katha replies with a taunt. Ehsan predicts her to be happy judging by her reply. He asks where she is celebrating her Holi.

Katha has brought Aarav to his grandparents, he didn’t want to miss. Ehsan agrees, he asks Katha to celebrate Holi with her friends from next year. Katha invites him to Mr. Garewal’s. Ehsan tells her about being at Viaan’s who is acting out since yesterday, he ordered special glasses for someone last night and isn’t home for the party as well.

Katha notices Neerja eating sweets, she questions her to it. Neerja remembers Viaan asking her not to tell anyone. She is worried about her children. Katha calms her down, Katha son’s fought cancer to come back to his mother Neerja’s sons only have a little grudge to let go.

Viaan wipes Teji;s tears telling that he actually had something really important to look after. Teji questions, nothing can be as important as his mother. Viaan tells about meeting a son who was yearing to meet her children, he was taking care of the matter and it made him realize how important it is for mother to be with their sons. Viaan wanted to teach those sons a leasson bit couldn’t thinking about the mother.

Neerja’s son came to meet their mother telling that they are no one to take away Neerja;’s dream. The land is not theirs to take, will never ask Neerja to hand it over. Varun doesn’t know how to apologize. Rajat asks if they can call their mother for some advice. Neerja bursts in tears hugging their sons, he recalls Viaan requesting her to let him help. Neerja sees off her sons, she then wears her special glasses and dance around.

Teji questions Viaan, he has something different prepared for today. Viaan announces the Holi color to be gree, he gifts his mother a shawl. Ehsan helps Viaan wear his shawl. They all play Holi afterwards.

Kavita and Mr. Garewal came to Katha to gift her a shawl. Katha questions, she hasn’t brought anything for anyone. Mr. Garewal asks her to do what he wishes. He wants Katha to play Holi with them, she is no longer their daughter in law but a daughter, requests her to give him this right. Things have been rough between them, pleads Katha to give him enough space to earn her love.

Holi was Aditya’s favorite festival; no one can forget playing Holi with him. Katha agrees by nodding her head as tears run down her eye. Holi is not the only way to remember him, he would want Katha to enjoy her life. They can start with Aditya’s name and memory. Katha agrees by calling Mr. Garewal father. He applies color on Katha, they hug it out. Reet notices them hugging.

Katha stops at a mirror. She recalls her memory of Aditya proposing to her at a gurdwara and getting married in a court. She recalls MR. Garewal telling that Adtiya would want to see color in her life, with that she applies color on her face. She playbacks her time with Aditya praising his love for her. Mr. Garewal and Kavita observe her and smile. Katha weara the gifted shawl.

Ehsan notices Viaan standing alone in corner. He wishers in Viaan’s ear which took him by shock. He offers him bhangs, Viaan refuses at first than drinks it all. They hug each other wishing Holi.

PRECAP: Everyone celebrated Holi. A girl begs Viaan for a second chance, no one has been offering her a job since that incident, Viaan agrees. Viaan calls Katha asking to have another talk with her similar to one they had in the road side café.

Update Credit to: Sona

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