Molkki 13th January 2022 Written Episode Update

Purvi says I haven’t seen a cheap man like you till date. I am sure you are responsible for Renu Didi’s death too. If you can dress up as Mukhi ji then I am sure it was you who was on terrace that day. Right? Satyam remains quiet. She tries to take off his mask but he holds her hand. He tries to strangle her. He ends up pushing her in the process. She gets hurt on the forehead but she refuses to back off. I will expose you in front of everyone. She throws knife at him as he leaves the room. He gets hurt on the shoulder but manages to escape. Purvi calls Yogi and Anjali upstairs.

Yogi and Anjali are shocked to see her wound. Purvi tells them that Satyam is a liar. It wasn’t Mukhi ji but Satyam who has pushed Renu Didi from terrace. Yogi asks her how he can do this. He is still in shock of losing his wife. Anjali seconds Yogi. He cannot do this. He loves Renu Didi too much. Purvi tells them to understand that he is lying.

He married Renu Didi just to get hold of Mukhi ji’s property. He isn’t ill either. It is a fake report. He crossed his limits today. He came to my room in Mukhi ji’s disguise. Yogi asks her how it is possible. Purvi says I don’t know but I am not lying. He was trying to take advantage of me too. Anjali asks her if she is sure it was Satyam. It is a big insinuation. Yogi seconds her. Purvi asks them to come with her to Satyam’s room if they don’t trust her. He just ran out of here. They head to Satyam’s room.

Satyam is reading a book when they enter. Why are you here together? Is everything fine? I was reading Bhagwad Gita loudly. Did I wake you up? Sorry if I was too loud. I just couldn’t sleep. I thought to read one chapter for Renu’s soul. I will stop now. You can sleep peacefully. Purvi tells him to stop his nonsense. She tells Yogi she hasn’t seen a worse guy than him. He came to my room a while ago in Mukhi ji’s disguise. Are you pretending to be good now?

Satyam asks her if she is talking about him. She nods. It was you! Satyam says why would I don his disguise when I cannot even bear to hear his name. he is the one who has killed my wife! Why would I do that? He tells Yogi and Anjali to support Purvi ji. I saw her mumbling to herself when I came back from the orphanage today. I understand that she is alone like me too.

Her love is still alive though mine isn’t. I can understand her pain and loneliness. Purvi tells him to stop his nonsense. She asks Yogi and Anjali to check his medical report. It is of an 80-year-old woman. Yogi checks it. The details have been updated correctly in the report now.

Flashback shows Satyam looking for the fake report. He wonders where it could be and notices Purvi leaving with Manas. She is holding his reports and he gets tensed. I must be 2 steps ahead of her if I have to fulfil my dreams. Flashback ends.

Purvi insists that the report has been changed. I saw the fake one earlier. Satyam asks her why she is doing this. You are calling my previous and current report fake. Those doctors are fake as well as per you. It is just you who is honest here, right? Go and ask my parents. They are heartbroken because of my illness. Purvi insists that she isn’t lying. You think you are honest and I am lying? Let’s see till when will you do this drama. Anjali tells Satyam Purvi must be mistaken.

She tries to take Purvi outside but Purvi says it is Satyam who will go out. I saw the fake report myself. I will see till when he will continue to act. I have ample proofs against him. She tells Yogi about how she had hit him with a knife while he was trying to run from her room. Ask him to remove his shirt and show us! Satyam tells her to stop. You might be shameless but I am not. I wont remove my shirt in front of 2 women! Stop this drama. I wont do this. She calls him shameless. What happened to you back when you were trying to take advantage of me? He tells her to stop.

Purvi asks Anjali to bring the glass in which she had given her milk. The tablets hadn’t dissolved by then. Anjali goes. Purvi asks Yogi to check the wound on Satyam’s shoulder. I will close my eyes. Yogi tells Satyam to do as told. Purvi closes her eyes. Satyam removes the shirt and turns around. There is no mark. Yogi asks Purvi why she is being so unjust to Satyam. There is no scratch. Purvi opens her eyes and is shocked. I had hurt him myself. Satyam smiles.

Flashback shows Satyam checking his shoulder as he removes the clothes. He was saved because of the padding in his clothes. I would have been dead if I hadn’t worn this. He hides the clothes in the cupboard and removes the mask. Purvi can come and create a drama anytime! Flashback ends.

Purvi tells Yogi to believe her. I had hit him with my hands. He is lying. Yogi tells her to stop. He asks Satyam to wear his shirt. Satyam complies. Yogi tells Purvi to stop blaming Satyam. He is already going through a rough phase. I think you are disturbed because of the recent incidents. Anjali comes with he glass but there is nothing.

Flashback shows Satyam replacing the glass while Purvi was not in the room.

Purvi is shocked. I saw the pills myself. She asks Satyam how he can lie and stoop so low. He has trapped Mukhi ji. It is Satyam who has killed Renu Didi! Yogi tells her to stop. He has lost his wife already and you are blaming him continuously. He is a nice man which is why he isn’t saying anything to you. He apologizes to Satyam on Purvi’s behalf. Anjali takes Purvi to her room. Satyam heaves a sigh of relief.

Next morning, Purvi opens the curtains. Virender tells her to close them. You are the biggest enemy of my sleep. She denies. My Tau ji says that one must give up on their sleep after a certain age and should focus on worshipping God. Wake up and pray to Kanha ji. He requests her to stop talking about her Tau ji in the morning. Give me a kiss instead. She makes a face. He suggests her to start watching English movies.

They don’t feel shy when it comes to this. There is no day or night for them. They do it all the time. She asks him if he thinks that she is less than them. He smiles. Let it be. You are poles apart from them. She starts giving instructions to him in English. He says it feels as if I am in London suddenly. She tells him to come back from London. I also know what they do. He asks her what they do. She says they drink tea in bed. He gives in. Flashback ends as constable knocks at the door. He asks Virender to have tea. You dint eat anything at night either. Virender thinks that Bawri wouldn’t have eaten anything either. How can I eat then?

Satyam reprimands someone for not giving clear instruction to him earlier. I will bring the high school certificate in 30 minutes. He ends the call. They are all fools. This is the reason I want to go to Canada. Purvi hides as he leaves the room. You succeeded yesterday but you wont succeed today. I will prove Mukhi ji’s innocence anyhow. I will surely find something in his room with which I can expose him.

Precap: Update in Progress

Update Credit to: Pooja

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