Molkki 15th November 2021 Written Episode Update

Juhi points at the blood on the stairs. Virender shouts to call ambulance.

Police catches Sakshi. She looks downstairs at Purvi. I will make sure you will be in pain for life if I cannot be happy!

Purvi loses conscious.

Virender and kids wait outside the OT. Virender comforts them. Juhi asks him if haathi will be fine. Virender nods. She will be fine in some time. Ward boys shift Purvi to another room. Virender asks doc if Purvi is fine. She nods. There is something important that I must tell you. Doc looks at the kids worriedly. Virender sends them to Purvi’s room and then asks doc what it is. She says Bawri ji.

Purvi wakes up and recalls what Sakshi had done. Virender is looking at her through the clear space on the door. Purvi sits up. My baby! Virender comes inside. She asks him about their baby. He tells her that it is enough that she is fine. Purvi continues asking about the baby. Virender tells her that the baby is no more. Purvi breaks down. Virender comforts her. Purvi murmurs that it cannot be true. Virender says I know you loved this baby more than yourself but this was God’s wish. I am glad that you are fine. I wont be able to forgive myself if anything had happened to you. I was cursing myself as Sakshi had made your life hell because of me. I only want us to be together. That’s all I want. Juhi and Manas are your kids too. It is good that Sakshi’s last memento is out of our life. It is good. Purvi agrees. What if we lost this baby? We can have our own baby. Maybe Kanha ji wants us to have our baby. It was the right thing. Virender looks at her speechlessly and tells her to rest. Nurse comes to check Purvi’s oxygen and blood level. Purvi feels as if Virender is hiding something from her.

Nurses return Purvi her clothes. Mukhi ji is waiting outside to take you home. Purvi realizes that the blouse is missing. She comes out and overhears the nurses talking about her. Purvi has not just lost her baby but she will also be not able to become a mother in future. Purvi falls down in shock. Nurses rush to her side. Virender walks in and notices her in tears. He calms her. maybe that’s what God wanted. We have to accept it now. This is the truth. Purvi asks him why he hid such a big thing from her.

Virender replies that he had no other option. How could I tell you this in that condition? You are above everything else. You became a surrogate mother with a good intention whereas Sakshi pushed you down the stairs out of jealousy. How could I tell you that you can never become a mother? Purvi tells him not to say so. I am a mother only. Juhi and Manas are my kids only. I may not have given birth to them but I have raised them. They may not be related to me by blood but we share a bond of love which is above everything else. Kanha ji may not have made me Devki Ma but He did make me Yashoda Ma for forever. I have Juhi, Manas and you for forever by my side. I am content with that. They hug.

Inspector tells Sakshi she is really lucky as Arjun took the entire blame on himself. You wont be lucky every time though. She signs her release papers. Sakshi thinks that it isn’t fate. I have paid for it. Arjun has made a deal with me. I have bought fate to kill Purvi once and for all. She walks out of jail. Get ready Purvi as our fight is going to be bigger, dangerous and eventful this time!

Purvi is busy with the preps. She keeps giving instructions to everyone and starts cleaning the temple. Virender asks her why she is working when she has just returned from hospital. He takes her down from the ladder and holds her in his arms. She tells him that everyone is looking at them but he isn’t bothered. I am only taking care of my wife. He makes her sit on the sofa. You will simply rest. She points at all the staring eyes. He dismisses the servants. She reminds him that it is Diwali tomorrow.

I am the DIL of this house so I have to work as well. He tells her to order everyone around as she is the owner of this haveli. I don’t want to feel the fear of losing you again. You wont work at any cost. Shall I become the old Krur Singh if you want do as I say? She agrees. Should I go back to work? She corrects herself. Should I go and tell everyone how and what to do? He stops her to give her the Diwali gift. He kisses her on her forehead. They share an eye lock. Purvi tries to leave but he asks her where she is off to. Purvi says to boss around. He asks for his gift. She feels shy. He points out that no one is here. She asks him if that’s why he sent everyone away. He tells her to think whatever she wants. He offers to close his eyes and asks for his gift. She feels shy and walks away. I wont be able to do it. Virender wonders why women feel shy for no reason. She comes back, kisses him on his cheek and runs away.

Purvi wakes up Virender. He asks her why she is dressed up so early. She simply asks him to come with her. she shows him the Diwali decor. He is amazed by it and compliments her. She takes him downstairs. They both sit in the centre of the Rangoli. She makes him remove his kurta. He removes it hesitantly. She tells him to sit quietly now. I will do what I have to do now. He gets tensed but she tells him to stay put. I am your wife. She applies oil and turmeric paste on him.

Precap: Update in Progress

Update Credit to: Pooja

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