Molkki 30th November 2021 Written Episode Update

Renu says Bhai ji still believes Purvi. He still thinks that everything is fine. Sakshi tells her that she has a solution for that. She calls someone and asks the person to come in guestroom. Maid (Gulabo) enters. Sakshi shares that she works for her. she will do as I say. Renu asks her what she is going to make her do. Sakshi says she will keep an eye on Purvi and her whereabouts. She tells Gulabo to keep them informed about Purvi’s every step. Gulabo nods.

Next morning, Purvi tells Renu she is going to market for some work. Sakshi signals Gulabo to go after Purvi. Gulbao leaves. Renu wonders what Purvi might be up to. Sakshi says we will find out soon. Gulabo calls Sakshi and tells her that Purvi is meeting a man in the market. Sakshi tells her to keep an eye on Purvi. She tells Renu the same thing. Renu suggests taking Virender to market. We can take him to witness them thus. They see Virender in the corridor. Renu asks Virender to come with her to market for something. Let’s take the kids as well. Virender agrees and calls the kids.

Kids are excited to be in the market. They plan to shop and eat tasty food. They are at a bangle shop. Virender is on a call. Renu looks around for Purvi and notices her reflection in the mirror. Kids select bangles for Purvi. she loves this color. Virender decides to call Purvi but Renu stops him. She is in market too. Virender asks her about it. Renu tells him to look behind. He still calls Purvi to surprise her. Purvi answers the call but lies to Virender that she is out for NGO work and will call back. She ends the call hurriedly. He shares it with Renu. Renu says she lied to you when she is right here. Is she trying to hide about this man? Virender shakes his head and decides to ask her. Renu smirks as Virender starts walking towards Purvi. He collides with a couple. Purvi notices him and gets tensed. The man she was talking to walks away / hides. Purvi asks Virender what she is doing here. He asks her about the NGO work she told him about. Where is that guy? Who was he? She lies that she had to give these books to the man to give the books to NGO but he had an urgent work so I will have to go there myself. Virender nods. I thought you were lying. She shakes her head. You might have felt it as I dint tell you the entire truth. Kids and Renu join them. Kids are eager to see the puppet show. Virender sends them with Renu. We will see around a little. Renu complies. Virender tells Purvi they got a chance after so long. Let’s enjoy. She smiles.

Purvi and Virender feed golgappa’s to each other. He feeds her water as she finds them spicy. He wipes water from her face sweetly. Sakshi and Renu look on. Virender tells Sakshi it seems as if she hasn’t eaten golgappa’s since ages. He tells the vendor to serve her more golgappa’s. They smile. Renu tells Sakshi she was right. They are inseparable. I did not want them to be together but Bhai ji sent me with the kids. It is good that the kids are enjoying the show on their own and I could come here to meet you. I don’t understand what magic has she cast on Bhai ji that he follows her blindly. Sakshi says let’s find out who is Purvi meeting stealthily. Is she planning a new game? We must find that out so as to separate them.

Purvi counts as Manas and Virender do push-ups. Purvi cheers for Manas while Juhi is supporting Virender. Sakshi is watching them from far. Purvi feeds almond milk to Manas who challenges Virender sweetly. Virender loses intentionally. Someone calls on the landline. Virender finds it absurd and decides to answer the call. Purvi realizes that her phone’s battery is low. Maybe someone called for me. She stops Virender and answers the call instead. Sakshi follows her downstairs. Purvi speaks to the guy. Why did you call on landline? What if Mukhi ji had answered? He asks her if she had a word with Satpal. Purvi shares Satpal is very loyal to Virender. He has agreed to meet us at 12 after much difficulty. Our work will be done today. Sakshi is all the more curious to find out what Purvi is up to now.

Virender notices a different turban on the desk. Why did Bawri take this out? What was wrong with the previous one? Sakshi shares that she has taken it out for him. He asks her what was wrong with the other one. Sakshi replies that a pin was stuck out of that turban. Purvi is a little careless these days. You should keep an eye on her. Virender says she has handled things so well since so long. I think it is time to keep evil eyes off her instead of keeping an eye on her. he takes out the turban. Sakshi tells him to think again. Why do you want to hurt yourself intentionally? He wears that turban. Sakshi says history has proven that loved ones hurt us the most. He agrees. I have been hurt by my loved ones only. You are one of them. One more thing, Bawri wont cheat me in this birth. Stop waiting for that day. She asks him what if that day comes. He says I will wear a horn made of thorns that day. She tells him to get ready for that day then. That day isn’t far.


Prakashi and Anjali walk in just then. Prakashi asks Virender why he is trying to apply for a bank loan. Anjali is confused too. You give money to others. Why did you apply for a loan? Prakashi shares that they got a call from bank. Satpal has submitted a request for a loan of 2 crore. Anjali asks him if he too has no clue about it. Who would have applied for it then? One of your closed one might be trying to trap you. Sakshi agrees. We often trust our loved ones blindly. Virender says I know who you are hinting at but Bawri can never do such a thing. Sakshi suggests going to Satpal right away. We will find out who is lying and who isn’t. Prakashi agrees. They all leave.

Satpal tells Purvi no one will say no to give loan to Mukhi ji. It wont be difficult. Purvi tells him to make sure no one finds out about it. The guy who had come with Purvi goes outside to attend a call. Virender, Anjali, Prakashi, Sakshi and Renu reach office. Virender tells them that the more they will try to degrade Bawri, the more they will lose his respect. She has won my trust with her honesty. They hear peon telling someone to send 3 cups of tea and snacks in Satpal’s cabin. Choti Mukhaiyayin has come to meet Satpal ji. Virender heads to Satpal’s room.

Satpal tells Purvi he has never hidden anything with Virender till now. I am doing this on your askance today as Mukhi ji has told me to listen to everything that you say. You have a joint account with Mukhi ji so your signatures will suffice. Purvi thanks him. I will sign them.

Virender is still on his way. He misses seeing the person who had come with Purvi as a man walks past them holding a box in his hand.

Purvi apologizes to Virender mentally. I would have never taken this step without informing you if this wasn’t a compulsion! She is about to sign when Virender takes the pen from her and signs. He asks Satpal where else must he sign. Purvi and Satpal are shocked to see him.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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