Molkki 5th November 2021 Written Episode Update

Purvi falls down after getting hit by the branch. The manager panics after realizing that Choti Mukhiyayin got hurt. Everyone rushes to hep Purvi. Virender, kids and Sakshi ask Purvi if she is fine. Purvi says the baby is fine. Flashback shows Purvi falling over a cushion. I held onto a cushion when I couldn’t hear anything. I put my weight on my hands and elbows to protect the baby. Baby should be fine, right? Virender nods. You are injured. They take her inside. Sakshi thinks that Purvi is extremely lucky. That guy ran away on time but I must be extra careful now. No one should doubt me.

Sakshi comes to check on Purvi but she is not in that room. She finds Purvi in Virender’s room. What are you doing here? Virender says she will stay with me in my room from now on. Strange incidences have been happening with her lately. I will look after her on my own now. Kids nod. We will also take very good care of her. Sakshi is irked. The more I try to separate them, the closer they are coming. Virender tells Sakshi to bring food for Purvi. She hasn’t eaten anything. Sakshi nods.

Sakshi heads downstairs and is miffed that Virender is only concerned about Purvi. What about me? I had also kept a fast for him. Landline rings just then. It is the same manager Bhola. He asks for more money. She refuses but he makes it clear that that money was enough to cut the tree. It wasn’t enough to kill Choti Mukhiyayin though. The risk of cutting a tree and killing a person is different. I want more money. Sakshi agrees. I will meet you tomorrow. Don’t call again. Bhola agrees.

Purvi and kids are playing ludo. Virender tells the kids to sleep now. It is late. Haathi must rest too. They say good night to both of them and head to their room. Virender spreads a duvet on the bed. She asks him why he is sleeping on the floor. He shares that his vein got pulled while lifting the branch. I will be fine by morning if I sleep here tonight. Purvi says it is just how it used to be with my Tau ji. He sits up with a start. Your Tau came back after long. Where was he? Is he alive or dead? She says why he should die. I thought of him after so long. He says you could have thought of him in your heart. Go ahead and start with your Tau Chalisa. She gets excited. It’s been so long since I have met him. He is an amazing person. You will be really happy to see him. Virender says I wont meet him. She points out that his back used to hurt like this too. He asks her what she used to do then. Purvi says I used to massage his back and he used to recover in no time. He tells her against it owing to her pregnancy but she reasons that pregnant women should work till their 8th month. It will keep me and baby healthy. She makes him lie down and starts massaging his back. He falls asleep in no time. She covers him with blanket.

Next morning, Sakshi asks the maid about Virender. Maid says he might still be sleeping. She leaves to meet Bhola.

Virender and Purvi are sleeping on the floor. Virender wakes up and is surprised to see her sleeping next to him. She shifts in her sleep. He asks her if only she has taken the responsibility to love him. Let me do something for you too. I thought that I will help you sleep yester night but you put me to sleep while massaging my back sweetly. You might have gotten hurt. She asks him if he is taking care of her of the baby. Why are you showering love suddenly? He says it is for both of you. She holds his hand. I did it for the baby too as I read it online that sleeping in this position on the floor is good for the baby too. How else would I have woken up in your arms? He leans forward to kiss her when kids knock at the door. Juhi and Manas wish them good morning.

Virender receives a call. He tells the caller that he wont come there for such a small thing. Purvi asks him about it. I will be like this for 9 months. You need not worry and do your work. Sakshi ji will look after me. He agrees reluctantly. Let me call Sakshi first so she can be with you.

Sakshi meets Bhola at a secluded place. She receives Virender’s call just then but does not answer it. Virender asks the maid to call Sakshi. Maid shares that Sakshi left for some work in the morning. Virender says I must stay here till the time she is her. Juhi and Manas offer to take care of haathi. We promise you that we wont leave her side ever. Virender agrees. Make sure no one complains to us about you two when I am back. They promise him.

Sakshi gives money to Bhola. He tells her to keep paying her like this. He holds her bangle when she turns to go. She scolds him for touching her but he points out that he is holding her bangles. They will look good in my wife’s hands. She tells him to be in his limits. He tells her to give them to her or he will go and tell everything to Virender. She gives the bangles to him. Keep your mouth shut now. You are getting more than you deserve. He tells her that he might need something in future too and leaves.

Purvi and kids are playing ludo. Manas points out that the weather is great. Can we go outside to fly kite? Purvi says I wont be able to do it. Juhi says we will do it. You wont have to do anything. Manas nods. You should only watch us. Purvi agrees.

Purvi, Juhi and Manas are in the balcony. The kite keeps getting stuck. Juhi suggests going on the terrace but maid tells them that the roof was fixed yesterday only. They continue trying it from there only when their kite gets stuck. Purvi goes to free it. Kids tell her to be careful. She agrees. She notices the perfect cut of the branch. It does not look as if this broke automatically. It is such a clear cut. Who would have done it? Who wants to kill me and why? I must find out the truth behind it? She clicks pictures of the cut. Manas asks her what she is doing. She dismisses it. She wonders if Virender was right. Is someone trying to harm me intentionally? Are Ma and Bhabhi behind it? She asks the maid about the workers who had come here yesterday. Maid shares that they stayed from 4 to 6 pm. Another maid points out that their manager was here till 8 pm. Purvi asks her how she knows it. Maid says I collided with him when I was going toward the backdoor. He lives in my area so I recognize him. I asked him what he was doing here. He said that he had some work and left in a rush. She decides to tell Virender everything and texts him.

Purvi decides to share it with Sakshi. I am sure she will find out about it. Sakshi enters just then. Purvi asks her about her bangles after noticing her bare hands. Sakshi lies that she has given them for polishing. Purvi says they were still shining. Sakshi says they are my bangles. I thought they needed polish so I sent them to Govind jeweller. What’s so strange about it that you are questioning me? Epi ends on Purvi’s shocked face.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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