Udaariyaan 18th June 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Fateh saying how can I marry when Tejo has come back. Nimmo says your roka has happened, you didn’t think before refusing, the wedding cards for printed. Jasmin thinks calm down… Gurpreet says you took the responsibility of Amrik’s child, you can’t step back. He says I m not stepping back from the responsibility, but this marriage. Jasmin says look at his state, think of him, he is handling Tejo since 8-10 hours, we will go what he finds right. Satti hugs Jasmin and cries.

Rupy says Jasmin is right, we will postpone the marriage for 15-20 days, we will find it easy to decide, I m happy for Tejo’s coming, but I m worried for Jasmin’s future. Khushbeer says I agree with Rupy, take some time and decide, cards can get printed again, I don’t care for the world, don’t take any wrong decision this time. Satti asks Fateh to go home and take rest. Fateh says if Tejo wakes up… Rupy says I will handle her, I will call you if needed. Fateh and family leave. Jasmin says Gurpreet will do as I want, she will bring Fateh back in my life.

Fateh asks how can I think of marrying someone in Tejo’s presence. Gurpreet says you were marrying for Amrik’s child’s sake. He says Tejo is also my responsibility. She says Tejo was here when you agreed to marry. He says she was Tanya, so she refused to marry me, I married to agree when Tejo wasn’t here, now I know that she is alive, she is with me, you wanted to see her in my life, you all knew that I loved her a lot, you asked me why am I marrying Jasmin,

I told you that Tejo will always be in my heart, now she is with me, how can I forget her and decide to live with her memories, I can’t. Khushbeer says I understand you. Bebe says you decided to handle Amrik’s child, Jasmin will abort the baby if you don’t marry her. Gurpreet says Tejo can’t end your life’s darkness, she is not that Tejo. Fateh says no. She says she needs care, kids need their mum, will you become her mum. Fateh shouts yes, I will become her mum, if my love has to go through this test, then I will do this.

Rupy comes to Jasmin. She starts acting. She cries and says one side is Tejo and other side is my baby, whose dad is no more, I got everything till now, but I want to do everything sincerely for this baby, how shall I tell everyone to get me married to Fateh, they will find me selfish, they will say that I m not thinking of my insane sister, how shall I say that I m happy for Tejo’s coming, I worry for my baby more.

Gurpreet says Tejo can’t become your wife and handle this family, tell me, think again, its imp to give a father’s name to Amrik’s child, we all are there to handle Tejo. Fateh says you know the reason for Tejo’s condition, if I had not left her, then this would have not happened, she needs me a lot, I will not leave her at any cost. Gurpreet cries saying Amrik’s child….


Rupy says I m with you, I m worried for Tejo, but I won’t leave you alone, Fateh won’t step back, he will understand what’s imp, take care, we are with you. He hugs Jasmin. Jasmin thinks this emotional blackmail will get Fateh for me. Fateh says I forgot Tanya, she called me to Barnala, where is she. He calls Tanya. Lovely hears the phone ringing. She says I will give this to Jasmin.

She goes and gives the purse to Jasmin. She says your phone is ringing. Rupy says but your phone is here. Jasmin says no, my friend’s phone is left in my bag, maybe she called me. Satti says I will sleep with Tejo today. Jasmin checks Fateh’s call and says why is he calling Tanya, I won’t let them talk, I don’t want him to know my truth. Jasmin messages him.

He reads… I don’t want to talk to you, don’t call me again, my work is over, you got real Tejo, give my payment to Jasmin, I will take it from her. He says its actually right, how would she face the family. He replies I will always be thankful to you, give me a chance if I can help you ever.

Tejo wakes up. She looks for Fateh. she calls him out. Satti says you woke up, sit, I will call Fateh. Tejo says he said he won’t leave me, call him. Satti says listen to me. She asks Lovely to call Fateh. She says I made breakfast for you, go and take a bath, have breakfast with him, he will come. Jasmin talks to Gurpreet on call.

She says I slept in mum’s room, Tejo was sleeping in my room, its okay, she is my sister. Gurpreet says take care, I will talk to Satti. Nimmo asks what happened, didn’t Jasmin get a good sleep, what did she say. Gurpreet says Fateh refused to marry. Nimmo says Fateh will come back after getting tired of his care, get him married to Jasmin, Tejo will return to the place from where she had come.

Tejo says I will make aloo pakora for Fateh. She sits and cuts the potatoes. Satti comes and says you will get hurt, give me the knife. Tejo says no, don’t trouble me. Satti says I will cut the potatoes. Rupy and everyone come. Tejo asks them to stay away. Jasmin comes and thinks I have to add some fuel in the fire. Tejo asks Jasmin to stay away. Jasmin says give me the knife.

Tejo says you are bad, I will not leave you. Jasmin runs to save herself. Rupy asks Tejo to stop. Jasmin thinks she is doing my work easy, its not safe to keep a dangerous mad girl home. Fateh comes. Tejo hugs him and says they all are troubling me, I will make pakoras for you. Fateh says I will have it, shall we have omelette today, I had aloo pakoras yesterday. She says I don’t know making it.

He says I will teach you, it will take time, do you want me to stay hungry, we will have the food made by Satti. He gives the knife to Satti and asks what did you make. Satti says aloo paratha and halwa. Fateh says wow, she used to love it, we will have a competition. Tejo says fine, I will win, come, we will compete. Fateh asks did you brush. She signs no. He says you didn’t set your hair and change, bad girl, come, get ready first. Jasmin thinks I can’t see this drama, I have to do something to separate them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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