Udaariyaan 5th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Tejo stopping Riya and asking where are you going. Riya shouts leave me and slaps her. Tejo says listen to me, Riya. Riya says I don’t want to go to the hostel. Tejo says you won’t go. She hugs her and thinks why is Angad doing this with his daughter. Angad sits drinking. He recalls Riya’s words and the accident. Tejo does the aid to Riya’s wound. She thinks I have to ask Angad why he is doing this with Riya. Fateh walks somewhere. He recalls Gurpreet’s words. Jasmin is sleeping outside Sweety’s house. Sweety comes out and sees Jasmin. She gets shocked and shouts Jassu… She wakes up Jasmin and how come you are here, you had gone to Canada, tell me, what happened, where is Jasmin. Jasmin cries and says this happened because of Tejo. Tejo talks to Riya. She says you will stay here if you want, you don’t want to go to the hostel. Riya says Angad will not listen. Angad wakes up.

His helpers make him drink the vinegar drink. They ask what to cook for Tejo. Angad says Tejo ji… I forgot. Tejo says you will stay with Angad if you want, promise, finish this milkshake. Riya hears the door knock and says don’t tell anything to him, he will scold me. Tejo says go to the bathroom, don’t come out until I tell you, go. Angad calls her out. She opens the door. He gets the breakfast and smiles. She asks who are you, I didn’t identify you. He says I m Angad Maan, philosopher, businessman, your friend. She says I don’t know this Angad Maan, one I know understands others pain, one who helped me, one who sacrifices himself for others, you are asking me not to interfere in your personal life. He says sorry. Helpers come and say Riya isn’t in the room, she is nowhere. Angad says look behind the chicken farm, she might be playing there. Tejo says wait, Riya is with me.

Sweety says Fateh did bad, why Tejo… Jasmin says its Tejo’s scheme, she did what she wanted, she made me away from Fateh. Sweety says I will get some food for you. Tejo says you can’t meet Riya, she is with me since night. Angad says you didn’t think its imp to tell me, bring her out. She says promise me, you won’t send her to the hotel. He says that is impossible. She says she has a little wish, she doesn’t want to go away. He says don’t get into this, get her out. She says sorry partner, if you can do fake engagement drama and bring me here, make me out of Fateh and Jasmin’s given sorrow, why can’t I interfere in your matter. He says its not problem, not of them, I want to meet Riya. They argue. She says she tried to run away at night, she took a big risk. He says Riya is my life’s dark side, you can’t know that, I don’t want anyone to be a part of this. Sweety asks can I stay here for some days. Sweety hears her mum calling and goes out. She says Jasmin… Her mum says I don’t want to hear her name, don’t keep friendship with her, she ruined her sister’s house, its better that she doesn’t come back else people will spit on her face. Jasmin hears this. Tejo says fine, you will not send Riya to the hostel, I promised her, please keep my word, promise me, you will never send her. He says I promise, I will find some solution, bring her out. She gets Riya. He opens arms. Riya runs and hugs him. They smile. Tejo thinks there is much pain in their lives, I wish I could lessen their pain.

Sweety says sorry, go from the backside, if mummy sees then it will be a problem, don’t come back in the pind, everyone hates you. Jasmin asks will you stay in touch, you don’t hate me, right. Sweety packs a bag. She says its some clothes, keep this money, it will help you. Jasmin says no. Sweety says keep it. Jasmin walks on the road and recalls Rupy’s words. She says I will become bad, I will not lose so soon, I will take revenge for my insult, Tejo. She cries. Tejo sees the family’s pics. She says I don’t know why Lord has sent me here, there would be some motive. She takes the dupatta and wears it. She prays.

Fateh and Jasmin come to the bus stand. They go to different buses. He stops and recalls his moments with Tejo. He prays for Tejo. Jasmin stops and recalls Fateh’s words. She thinks I m going, but I will come again to take revenge on Fateh and Tejo. They get inside the buses and get seated. Mann vich halla halla….plays…. Tejo gets some teddy. Jasmin posts her pic on the social media. She thinks I won’t let Tejo know that Fateh and I got separated, I will take my revenge before that. The conductor asks where do yo want to go. Fateh says last stop. The buses leave. Tejo looks at the teddy.

Fateh beats some man. Angad says you are talking like we are strangers. Tejo says yes, its better we stay away. Jasmin says I will not let Tejo and Fateh live in peace.

Update Credit to: Amena

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