Udaariyaan 5th July 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Fateh asking how did you go with Jasmin today. She says to meet you, you had called Jasmin. She shows the puppets. He says listen to me, you don’t come until you hear my voice, you won’t go, okay. She says okay, I will do what Fateh say, promise. Har safar…plays…They hug. He puts her to sleep.

Gurpreet and Nimmo argue with Rupy. Nimmo says we will complain that we have a threat from Tejo. Jasmin smiles. Lovely says I m also with Gurpreet. Rupy shouts. Gurpreet says if Tejo doesn’t leave from this house, then I will take Jasmin with me, I give you three days, decide which daughter you want to care for, Tejo or Jasmin, I don’t think you can take care of both. Jasmin thinks no, I have to make Tejo out of here, I want to go there as Fateh’s wife, not Amrik’s widow. Rupy sits crying. Fateh comes and asks him not to get scared. He says we three are for Tejo, we love her unconditionally, we will take her responsibility, let the people talk, its their work. He hugs Rupy. Jasmin looks on.

Its morning, Fateh shows a phone to Tejo. He asks Tejo to call him, Rupy and Satti whenever she wants to talk. He teaches her to use speed dial. She calls and talks to them. Meri taa duniya tu….plays… Fateh says always keep this with you, come to meet me when I call you, go with Gurudwara, I will end my work and come. She says fine, you will come soon, right. He says yes. She goes.

Rupy says there will be much people. Fateh says don’t worry, nothing will happen, she will feel good, and you both also, don’t leave her hand. Satti says yes, don’t worry. He leaves. Jasmin thinks you do anything, but nobody can save her from me.

Later, Tejo comes to the Gurudwara with Satti and Rupy. Satti says show me some way to help both my daughters. Sweety comes to meet Jasmin. She asks why did you ask for a new sim card, what are you doing. Jasmin says I can’t think of anything, with this baby in womb. Sweety asks her to buy maternity clothes. Jasmin hears Fateh’s old memories. She says I thought to freshen some old memories. She asks Sweety to go home. She sends Sweety and hears the recording. She says yes, I wanted this, now it will be fun, I will see how Fateh saves his mad Tejo.

Tejo is still with Satti. Jasmin says now the real fun will begin. Jasmin calls her and plays Fateh’s recording. Tejo makes a boy hold Satti’s hand. She runs to meet Fateh. Satti sees the boy. She looks for Tejo. She asks where did Tejo go. He says outside. She goes out to Rupy and says don’t know where did Tejo go. He asks how can you be so careless. She says she left my hand and went. They look for Tejo. They see someone and go to check. They see its not Tejo. Fateh asks what, Tejo isn’t there. Rupy says Tejo isn’t here. Tejo calls out Fateh. Fateh says I will check. Tejo says I look so ugly, what shall I go, I will make myself look good. She imagines Fateh with her.


She thinks where did Fateh call me. Jasmin cuts the sim card. She says poor Tejo, she can’t tell anyone who called her. She puts the sim in some laddoo. Fateh looks for Tejo. Tejo washes her face and feet. Her dupatta gets torn. She says bad tree. She sits in an auto rickshaw. The driver asks where do you want to go. She says Dharamkot. He stares at her. Harman asks what, Tejo is lost, she isn’t in the Gurudwara, don’t worry, we will go and find her. Jasmin dances. She asks how can this happen, call her. He says call isn’t connecting.

Tejo says Fateh called me and asked me to come to China. Driver asks what, China, its India, give me your phone to check, there is no number in this phone. She says I will show you the way. Khushbeer asks what, Tejo is lost, don’t worry. Fateh ends call and looks for her. Tejo asks the driver to take straight. Satti and Rupy pray. Driver stares at Tejo. Tejo says it’s the wrong way, stop.

Driver asks her to get down the auto and give money. She says I don’t have money. He asks are you really mad. He gets a call. She sits back. He asks her to get down. He leaves her there and goes. Buzo asks did you find anything. Fateh says no, she isn’t here, she doesn’t have money to go out of Moga, why can’t I stay with her always. Buzo asks him to calm down. Fateh sees the torn dupatta cloth stuck on the tree. He smells it and says its Tejo’s dupatta. Buzo says it can be of anyone else. Fateh says I know her fragrance, she is around. He looks for Tejo. Tejo walks sadly. Fateh shouts Tejo…..

Someone kidnaps Tejo. Fateh runs after the car and falls down on the road. She asks him to save her. He shouts Tejo.

Update Credit to: Amena

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