Udne Ki Aasha 26th May : Sachin Taunts Tejas

The Episode starts with Sayali taunting Renu. She goes. Renu asks Roshni to sit. She says tell me, what did you decide. Roshni gets the fruits and sets on a plate. Tejas comes there and sees Roshni. She says you asked me, I m ready to become that lucky girl in Tejas’ life. Tejas and Renu smile. Renu thanks Roshni and says I m very happy today. Roshni hugs her. Renu sees Tejas and asks him to come. Paresh comes. Roshni takes his blessings. Renu says alliance came for Tejas. Paresh asks why did the girl come alone, where are her parents. Roshni says I don’t have mum, I have dad.

Tejas thinks Roshni said she has nobody in this world. Paresh says sorry. Roshni lies to them. Sayali asks shall I get coffee for you, Kaka. Renu asks her to ask the guests. Sayali says you already asked her. Paresh says I don’t want anything. He asks Roshni about her studies. Roshni says I m doing beautician course. Renu asks her to go and make tea. Paresh says Tejas doesn’t have a job, do you know this. Roshni says yes, he is qualified, he will get any job, I will handle him. Paresh asks do you want to marry, Tejas. Tejas goes. Sayali gets tea. The tea gets spilled on Roshni’s hand.

Renu scolds Sayali. Sayali says I thought she caught the tea cup. Roshni says I m fine. She thinks Sayali did that intentionally. Paresh says I don’t find right by deciding this without talking to her dad. Tejas changes the shirt and comes. Roshni smiles. Renu asks why did you change the shirt.

Roshni says it means he is ready for marriage. Shakku says congrats Renu, fix the date today, if Paresh agrees. Roshni says I have appointments, I will go. Renu asks Tejas to drop her to the door. Sayali looks on. Paresh asks Renu did you think well, I don’t find this right. Renu says she is a nice girl. He says she said her dad isn’t here, we may fall into trouble. Renu says I didn’t tell her that we saw Sayali for Tejas. He says you forgot what happened in the last alliance. Renu says we will tell later, they looked happy together. She taunts Sayali and goes.

Sachin drops the man and asks for payment. He goes to get the change. He sees Tejas with a girl. He says he is laughing and talking to a girl, he is fooling us. Sachin comes home. He says tell me if there is any drama. He jokes on Renu. He says I heard some girl was coming today. Renu says Sayali, you tell him everything. Sachin says I saw Tejas with a girl outside a hotel, she is wrong number. Sayali gets the aarti dhoop. Renu coughs. Sayali says Paresh had to bear insult because of one member, so I m making bad luck out of the house. Renu calls her bad luck. Sayali argues with her.

Renu says I will get Tejas married, I don’t care. Sachin says your son has to give 27 lakhs, why is he hurrying for marriage. Paresh says I don’t know about that girl, I wanted to ask, Renu stopped me. Renu says I found everything. Sachin says tell me about her. Renu says she is from a nice family. He says he has no job. She says he is educated, not like you. He says so what, he didn’t get any money home. She says he will earn in lakhs and raise you all. He says don’t dream, I will never depend on him, I have to take money and give it to dad, I don’t care about him. Paresh says marriage didn’t happen, stop fighting.

Renu says you are saying like Tejas won’t get married, I will get him married. Sachin says call Akash, if Tejas runs away then we want an extra groom. Akash calls Paresh and says I will be there soon. Paresh says I m glad, I was scared, you will also become a bookworm. Akash says I will call later. Sachin jokes. He says I just want my money, else… Renu asks what will you do. Sachin says I will burn the mandap.

Its morning, Sachin asks Sayali to get water for him. She asks why, you have the water yourself. He drinks the water. He says you are arguing a lot. She asks what will you do, go and shout there, I have to complete my work. Tejas comes. Sachin says all this happened because of Tejas, I got chained in this marriage, you are roaming with a girl, how do you do all this drama, you cried about the girl cheating you, you got another girl in one week. Tejas says just I know my pain. Sachin says you got this new shirt, remove it. Renu comes and asks him to leave Tejas.

Sachin says Tejas has no intention to give money, does that girl know about Tejas running away from the mandap. He says I want all the money, else I will tell his truth to that girl, I won’t let Tejas get married. He goes. Renu talks to Shakku on call. Shakku asks her to send Sayali and Sachin outside for a few days. She says send them to Aaji’s village, convince Paresh that they can understand each other well there. Renu says it’s a good idea, Sachin won’t refuse to go to Aaji’s house.

Renu goes to talk to Paresh. He says you would be happy seeing Sachin and Sayali fighting. She suggests sending them to Aaji’s house for a few days. He likes the idea. He calls Aaji. He says I will send them. Sayali comes. Paresh asks when will Sachin come home. Sachin comes. Paresh asks them to sit. He says you both will go to my Aai’s house, stay there for a few days, pack the bags. Sachin says I can’t tolerate Sayali, I won’t go with her. Paresh says fine, call and tell Aaji. Sachin says fine, I will go. Renu smiles. Sayali goes to pack the bags. Renu thinks I can do preparations for Tejas’ marriage. Sachin jokes. Sayali asks are you done, pack the bag, or tell me what to pack. He says I will show you how to pack things in 5 mins. He packs the bag in haste. She thinks how will the trip go. He sings a sad song.

Its morning, Sachin and Sayali get ready to leave. Paresh asks them to have darshan at the temple. Sachin says okay, anything else… Anya comes. He says they took my car, I paid the car EMI late, Sachin said I can drive his car. He takes their bags. Paresh says Sayali is your responsibility, take care of her. He asks Sachin to sit with Sayali. They leave. Paresh hopes their journey brings them together.

Sachin, Ishaan, Sayali and Savi are seen in the special episode.


Update Credit to: Amena

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