Yeh Hai Chahatein : Did Preesha Kill Venky ?

Venky follows Mishka Mishka rushes to Preesha and Rudra and pleads to save her. Venky warns Preesha to return Mishka to him. Preesha asks him to stop his adamancy and not do any more mistakes as police must be coming soon. Venky says Mishka ruined his life’s 10 years and Preesha is worst than her who being his sister sent him to jail forever. She denies to return Mishka. He picks Saransh and threatens to kill him.

Preesha pleads not to kill his own nephew. Rudra warns to kill him if something happens to his son. Venky picks Saransh and runs towards cliff and threatens to push him from cliff if she doesn’t send Mishka. He counts till 10. Preesha sees a Devimaa temple nearby, picks Devimaa’s trishul, and warns Venky that she is a mother and a mother can destroy everything for her child. Saransh pleads Venky not to leave his hand. Preesha throws trishul towards Venky which injures his shoulder and he falls down. Saransh tries to run towards his parents, but Venky holds him and threatens to kill him with trishul if he doesn’t get Mishka.

Mishka runs to him. He spares Saransh and grips Mishka with trishul. Rudra asks Mishka why did she do this. She says she cannot risk Saransh’s life. Param calls police and informs them that Venky has gone mad and took Saransh away. Inspector with his team heads towards cliff. Mishka asks Rudra and Preesha to let her bear punishment for her sins. Venky says he will kill Mishka for sure. Rudra asks what to do now as Venky is not understanding. Saransh says he knows what to do and throws stone at Venky. Venky tries to escape stone pelting. Rudra kicks him down and rescues Mishka. Their fight starts.

Vasu with GPS and Vyjayanti reaches spot. Constable stops them and says they cannot go there as a mad man has kidnapped a child. Vasu says he is her son and will understand if she comforts him. He agrees. She gets tired walking on cliff and rests. PAram with inspector reaches spot and warns Venky to dare not move. Rudra tells Venky that he will go to jail forever for trying to kill Mishka and Saransh. Venky picks inspector’s gun and grips Mishka again threatening to shoot her.

Preesha requests inspector to go and let her handle her brother. Inspector with his team walks aside. Venky gets adamant to kill to Mishka. Rudra in lieu of speaking to him kicks at gun and makes it fall. They both jump towards gun and get into a tussle again. Sandstorm starts. Vasu and GPS reach there and see Preesha shooting Venky.

Precap: Preesha informs inspector that she shot Venky dead. Vasu slaps her and asks inspector to arrest this woman for killing her son.

Update Credit to: MA

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