Yeh Hai Chahatein: Kashvi Replaces Mahima on Mandap !

Daadi seeing Mahima’s condition says Kashvi will replace Mahima and perform jaago ritual. Nayantara opposes her decision and says she can’t tell her that Kashvi loves Arjun and is bearing mental torture silently. Daadi says it’s a question of their family and Nitya’s family’s dignity and Nitya/Nayan’s friendship. Nayan says she still can’t allow this.

Kashvi says she will do this as Arjun loves Mahima immensely and can’t see her in this condition; she is strong enough to handle this. Nayan agrees. After some time, Nayan fixes flower garland on the main door and calls servant for help. Sam walks to her and helps her. Nayan gets nervous seeing him and asks why is he doing this. Sam holding her intimately says he is helping her. Tu Hai To Mujhe Phir Kya Chahiye… song plays in the background.

They slip from the stool and he holds her tightly. Nayan asks him to go. He calls her biwi/wife and says he will not go. Daadi calls Nayan. Nayan asks Sam to go from there as tonight is Mahima’s jaago ritual. Sam asks if Mahima is in a condition to perform the ritual, recalling Pradyuman bringing heavily intoxicated Mahima home. Nayan says she will manage and asks him to go.

Her locket gets stuck in his shirt button. Sam says even god doesn’t want them to separate. Nayan says though she is not married to Satish Sabharwal, she is his wife for the world and can’t spoil his name. Daadi calls Nayan again and asks if she is outside. Nayan gets more tensed, frees her chain. Sam hides. Daadi walks to her and says its good that she fixed toran, she should go and bring Kashvi down for the ritual.

Nayan notices Romila and asks her why did she lie that Mahima was in her room. Romila gets tensed. Daadi walks to them and asks Nayan if she didn’t bring Mahima down yet. Romila says she will go and bring Mahima down. Daadi stops her and says only Nayan will bring Mahima down. She silently asks Nayan to cover Kashvi’s face with veil properly and makes her nobody watches her face when she performs the ritual.

Kashvi gets ready in Mahima’s dress and feels disheartened that she loves Arjun and has to do this for his sake. Nayan walks to her and feels guilty for letting her do this. Kashvi says Nayan always was worried for her and reminds her of the childhood instances, she asks her not to worry and assures her that she is ready to perform the ritual.

Nayan takes Kashvi down for the ritual hiding her face with a veil. Romila gets suspicious recalling Mahima’s condition and tries to lift the veil, but Daadi stops her. Arjun with his family enters playing music and says groom is here for the ritual. He recalls how he convinced his parents to perform all the ritual together with the bride.

He sits next to Kashvi and describes how much he loves her. Kashvi feels anxious. Arjun tries to lift her veil. Daadi stops her and says he can’t do that. Romila gets more suspicious and thinks if Kashvi is under the veil. Drama continues..

Precap: Nayan tells Mahima/Kashvi that he loves her since childhood. Romila asks Nayan about Kashvi. Pradyuman expresses his love for Mahima and asks if she will elope with him. Mahima agrees and gets intimate with him. Kashiv notices that.

Update Credit to: MA

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