Yeh Hai Chahatein : Rudra ko Milgayi Usski Preesha

Roohi before leaving for school brings tiffin for Rudra. Rudra reminds her of her promise to introduce her mother to him. She says he can’t today as she and her mother are going to mela today, hence she brought both breakfast and lunch for him. He thinks he has to wait till evening. After school, Roohi visits mela with Preesha where she meets Sachi and her mother. Preesha chats with Sachi’s mother and asks how was Sachi’s papa’s birthday celebration yesterday. Mother says it wasn’t her husband’s birthday yesterday. Roohi gets tensed. Sachi says she fooled Roohi and they fool each other. Preesha asks what happened to the dress then. Roohi says she gave it to the uncle who stays at their house, then says she returned to the shop. Saachi takes her aside and says she should be thankful to her that she saved her.

Rudra reaches mela and searches Roohi and her mother. Shiddat Banaloon Tujhe… song plays in the background. Preesha senses Rudra’s presence. They ride a swing. Rudra searches them nearby, but doesn’t look at them. Mukhiya’s goons notice him and discuss he is singer Rudra, they should inform Mukhiya. Preesha tries bangles and imagines Rudra fixing them and touching her sensuously. Roohi shakes her and gets her out of imagination. She asks if she can go alone to watch mela. Preesha agrees.

Roohi sees teddies and asks vendor if she can buy them. Vendor says she needs to shoot 5 balloons with a gun for that. She tries and fails. A boy demands same from his father and father helps him shoot 5 balloons. Roohi feels sad. Rudra walks to her. She stands tensed seeing him. He asks if she wants teddy. She says she needs to shoot 5 balloons for that. He lifts her and helps her shoot 5 balloons and win teddy. She rejoices. He hides his face again, and they continue enjoying mela.

Mukhiya’s goons inform him about seeing Rudra there. Mukhiya gets angry and searches Rudra. Rudra enjoys lassi with Roohi and competes with her. He then insists her to introduce him to her mamma. She holding a teddy shows Preesha. Beena maasi calls Preesha/Priya, and she walks away. Another woman wearing similar sari takes her place. Rudra notices her and asks Roohi if yellow sari woman is her mamma. Roohi says yes. He feels disappointed thinking she is not Priya, and if she was, she wouldn’t have stayed away from him for 5 years. Mukhiya’s goons notice him. Roohi rescues him and runs away from there. Preesha searches Roohi.

Precap: Rudra and Roohi beat goons and escape.
goons inform mukhiya that Roohi was with singer. Mukhiya catches Roohi and questions her. Preesha comes to rescue Roohi.

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