Choti Sardarni 21st December 2021 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Seher says to Param please forgive Param. This is our matter we will solve it. He nods. Seher says let me call him. Param comes to temple and prays for Karan. He repents for his mistake. Kulwant asks Seher where is Param? Seher says I know where he must be.

Seher comes to temple and sees his doing service. she says let’s go. Param says Karan will never forgive me. Seher says we are one family. He will forgive you. Param says are you sure? Seher says yes. Let’s go and pray. They pray together. Rajveer is also at the temple. He is praying too. Seher doesn’t see him. Seher feels like he’s around.

Scene 2
Seher and Param come to meet Karan. Param says here I got prasad for you. please forgive me. I made a huge mistake. Seher says you both will always be best brothers. the kids say here is friendship band. Make each other wear it.

Karan throws the band away. Inspector comes and says we have to arrest Param. Seher says based on what? He says Karan gave statements. Seher says what are you saying? Karan? He says ask your bua. Karan recalls Harleen came to meet him. Harleen asks Karan how are you? He says why are you here? She says where’s your family? They love you a lot. Karan says they are my family you shouldn’t worry. Harleen says you’re not Gill so you will get anything from our wealth. SArab might have written something for you. But you won’t get it. I will give you money if you want but stay away from my family. You will get a lot of money. Don’t take Param’s name. Harleen says I threatened you? I gave you money so you can repay your debt. Seher says Karan it was an accident. Please take your statement back. He didn’t do it intentionally. PAram says you know I can never do this. You provoked me and started the fight. Seher says please take your statement back. They will arrest Param. Please don’t do this. Kulwant says this is family matter we will solve it. Save your brother. Harleen says he showed difference between blood.

Seher says please Karan withdraw your complain. Seher says this is our family matter. Inspector says say it in court. Harleen says you don’t know my resources. Inspector says let us do our job. They take Param. Seher runs after them and begs them not to.

Rajveer sees Seher. Everyone is worried. Rajveer says I will show this video to Seher and show everyone that it was provoked fight. Seher comes. She says I’ll talk to Karan. Param says don’t take his name. I’ll never forgive him. Bua was right. He’s not our blood. They drive away.

Episode ends

precap- Seher says to Rajveer why did you send that card to Harleen. Why did you crack my brother’s bond. Get out of my house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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