Yeh Hai Chahatein : Rudraksh Gets Suspicious of Venky!

Venky determines to punish Mishka for ruining his life. He remembers Mishka apologizing him and requesting not to inform anyone about her mistake. He further remembers Mishka alleging him with molestation charges, principal restricating him from hostel, his friend informing him that Mishka is a rich father’s son who already cleared her name and sent her to London, him trying to committing suicide, being in hospital for 10 years and getting well with Dr. Radha’s treatment, etc. Out of flashback, he thinks he will take revenge from Mishka and get justice to him and his parents; he came into Rudra’s house purposefully after hearing about Mishka’s marriage and will make her suffer like he suffered for 10 years.

Rudra gifts saris for Preesha. Preesha says she will not wear shiny saris. He says she should check all saris and with each sari she likes, she has to kiss him. She asks what if she doesn’t like, he will kiss her. She says he doesn’t leave a chance. He says yes he doesn’t. She likes all saris and says everything is going good, Mishka and Param are marrying, their both families are together, and she wants them all to be happy always.

Mishka and Param’s haldi function starts. Param walks in with Vidhi. Preesha with Vasu brings Mishka down. Rudraksh gets mesmerized with her beauty and ignores Saransh’s question. Saransh asks where is he lost. Rudra says he is awestruck with his mother’s beauty. Saransh asks him to continue and walks away with Vidhi. Rudra then walks to Preesha and gets romantic with her. She feels shy. He insists to apply haldi to her. She denies and makes him sit with Venky.

Vasu, Sharda, and others apply haldi to Mishka and Param. Rudra determines to apply haldi to Preesha, applies haldi on his cheek, walks to bathroom and calling Preesha says haldi is not coming off. She says it is really. He says he will wipe his cheek with her cheek and check. She says she will bring oil and goes to his room to find out yellow color bottle. She confronts him for fooling her. He says its romance and she wouldn’t have been here if he had not done this. He opens shower and gets intimate with her.

Venky sees Saransh playing with Rubik cube and says he will solve it. Preesha calls everyone for dinner. Rudra notices puzzle solved and praises Saransh. Saransh reveals that Venky mama solved it. Rudra asks Venky if he solved it. Venky denies. Preesha says Anna is not completely well. Vasu says Venky cannot even walk. Sharda asks Venky not to question Venky. Venky says Rudra is joking, acts as slipping and falling and says he will walk once he gets well and will set everything right.

Rudra remembers noticing Venky with Rubik cube and thinks if Venky his hiding somethig. Sharda notices him in tension and asks reason. He reveals that he saw Rubik cube with Venky and knows Saransh cannot solve it. Sharda says its just a game, so he shouldn’t bother. Rudra asks why did Venky lie then. Preesha hears that and asks him not to think wrong about Anna as someone must have solved it. He says why is she upset when she herself told that Venky is getting well slowly. She gets more angry and walks away. Sharda asks him to calm her down. Venky hears their conversation.

Precap: Venky spoils Mishka’s mehandi lehanga. Rudra says someone wants to take revenge from Mishka, he will find out who he/she is.

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