Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : 8 Saal Baad !

After 8 Years:

Akshu wakes up and shouts Aarohi. Sirat goes and hugs her. Akshu says someone took away Aarohi. Sirat says you were sleeping. Suwarna and Dadi come. Sirat says no one will take that storm away, you have to forget what Kairav told you, its 8 years old incident. FB shows the family asking Kairav and Vansh about Aarohi. Manish says the babies got swapped, Aarohi isn’t kidnapped. Kartik goes to ask the manager. The manager says another family’s pram got swapped with your pram. Sirat cries. The couple gets Aarohi back. The lady says sorry, the prams were same, it was my mistake, I took your baby by mistake. Kartik thanks them. The couple leaves.

Kartik says Aarohi is naughty, she always troubles me. Kairav says we are sorry, I was losing her. Kartik says its okay, I scolded you a lot. Everyone pacifies Kairav. FB ends. Sirat pacifies Akshu. Dadi says Kairav did a mistake to tell her that incident. Suwarna says yes, she is scared that someone will take Aarohi. Dadi says she loves her sister a lot. Sirat says I will tie a rope to you both. Akshu says yes, I can do anything for her, sometimes Krishna doesn’t listen to me, Kairav and Vansh went to the hostel.

Sirat says they didn’t go away from us, these relations never end, you all are like five fingers of a hand, you will stay together and face the world. Akshu goes to see Aarohi. Sirat says you know how they both used to cry together. Suwarna says Akshu loves Aarohi a lot. Dadi prays that their love increases. Sirat says a sister can be the best friend, its the most true relation. Akshu goes to Aarohi.

They hug. Aarohi shows the mothers day surprise. Akshu says I have made a card for mum, I have a surprise, I will not tell you now. Aarohi says please tell me, I won’t tell anyone. Akshu tells her. They run. Sirat comes and asks them to have milk. They shout happy mothers day. They show the surprises. Sirat smiles and hugs them. Gayu clicks their pic. Manish asks what are you celebrating. Akshu says mothers day. Manish and Akhilesh hug Dadi and wish. Sirat wishes Suwarna.

Aarohi asks whose gift is better, mine or Akshu’s. Dadi asks her to call Akshu Didi. Aarohi says she will call me Did when I get taller than her. Akshu says we are best friends first. Manish says both the gifts are good. Akhilesh says yes, Aarohi has worked more. Sirat thanks them. She says its my turn to give you gifts, you have made me a mother. She shows them the gifts. Akshu gets a guitar. Aarohi gets a tablet. Manish says you can do what you like. Akhilesh says Akshara will learn music.

Akshu says I don’t know playing the guitar. Sirat asks her to learn it. Aarohi says I will study hard and get more trophies than mum. Sirat dances with them. Everyone dances. Yeh rishta…plays… Akshu says dad should have been here, he will come back soon. Phone rings. Akshu and Aarohi take the call and run. Sirat says they always fight. Dadi says its good, I see everyone for Bhajan and Bhojan/food. Sirat says a mum is just a mum, but a sister is everything, a mum, friend and sister. Suwarna says they made mothers’ day special for us. Sirat sees Naira’s pic.

She says we should tell the truth to the kids, before anyone else tells the truth to Akshu, we should tell her that Naira is her real mum, she is no more. Dadi says wait for some time, they may think wrong. Sirat says Kairav and Vansh know the truth, I think Akshu and Aarohi will understand, Akshu is sensible, she will understand me and forgive me. She apologizes to Naira for keeping her daughter away. She says its mothers day today, I will tell the truth to Akshu.

Manish asks what’s the need to tell them, the girls are happy. Sirat says it will be wrong with Akshu and Naira to hide the truth. Manish says I don’t agree, think again. Suwarna says Sirat is very close to Akshu. Akshu answers a call. Sheela calls for Sirat. Akshu goes and gives the phone to Sirat. Sheela says you blocked my number, right. Sirat gets angry. Sheela asks her to just listen once. Akshu says we will call dad. She takes the other line and hears Sheela and Sirat’s talks. Sheela says Akshara is your step-daughter, Aarohi is my grandchild, there is a difference between them. Akshu hears this and cries.

Sheela and Sirat argue on call. Sheela says this truth will come out. Akshu says Sirat isn’t my mum, who is my mum. Sirat says I have to tell the truth to Akshu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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