Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Abhi Hit by Malicious Molestation Charges

Akshu coming home and calling out everyone. Servant says they all went out. She thinks I have to tell them everything before Aarohi tells them. Abhi throws the bracelet. He stops and picks it back. He goes for his work. He says lets not waste time, I read your CVs, I know you well, a great doctor always controls emotions, correct. Aarohi and everyone say yes. Parth asks Manjiri to take her medicines. She says no, I just want Abhi. Abhi comes. She says its not Akshu’s mistake, we called her, she wanted to see you happy. He says my wound got freshen up again. Harsh, Anand and Mahima come. Harsh asks how dare you.

Abhi says mum did this for me. Harsh says I m not talking about this, didn’t you see this news. Shefali comes and says Ruby has accused Abhi for molestation. They get shocked. Manjiri says Abhi can’t do this. Harsh says we know this, Ruby is a health minister, Abhi is a top surgeon, media will hype his news. Anand says Abhi can get arrested, let us handle this. Shefali says Parth, I can’t do anything, everyone knows that I m Birlas Bahu. Anand says we want a solid proof. Mahima asks are you sure that you didn’t push that girl, how can she say this. Neil says wait, we have a solid proof.

Abhi says no Neil, there is no proof, I have checked the cctv cameras, understood. Neil nods. Akshu sings in her room. She goes out to everyone. She says I want to tell something. Kairav asks her to say. Aarohi comes home. She says Abhi is accused for molestation. They ask what. Aarohi says Ruby said that Abhi has molested her. Manish says I knew that he is a bad guy. Akhilesh says yes, why would any girl do this. Aarohi says no, he can’t be wrong. Manish says we know rich household guys.

Akshu worries. Anand arranges bail for Abhi. Mahima says we should talk to top lawyers. Harsh says we will do anything to save him. Neil says we should tell them that Akshu was there with you, Ruby doesn’t know that Akshu was there. Abhi signs no. Manish says he is a characterless guy. Akshu says enough, Abhi didn’t do anything, I have seen what happened with that Ruby. Kairav asks what did you say.

She says I was there with Abhi in his cabin. Neil says its not a small thing, we have to tell this. Abhi says you won’t tell anyone. Akshu says I have seen him, he is innocent. Manish asks how did you reach there, tell me what’s happening. Aarohi asks her to say, why did she go.

Akshu tells them everything. She says I had no wrong motive to go there. Aarohi asks Manish to see Akshu, she can do anything. Suwarna asks her to shut up. Manish says you lied to us and went to him, I can’t believe this. Akshu says try to understand. Manish asks why did you reach him. He asks Aarohi to shut up. He asks Akshu to answer. Akshu says sorry, we can talk about this later, Abhi is innocent. Manish says don’t take his name in this house again, no means no. She cries. The family pic falls and breaks. She picks it and cries.


Anand says we want a solid proof, any witness can save us. Harsh says our hospital will lose the name, Abhi behaves rudely with Ruby always. Abhi says its that girl’s mistake, she was threatening me about her dad, I m not scared, you shouldn’t be scared. Anand says we have to prove that we are right. Mahima says we will lose our name, medical association can cancel Abhi’s license. Abhi says I didn’t do anything, its not my mistake, I have to be with my patients, I will handle it.

Anand says we will handle it. Abhi says no to Neil and goes. Manjiri says you had sent Akshu to decorate Abhi’s room, did she see anything, tell me, did Abhi stop you from saying anything. Akshu says his name and career will get ruined. She calls Abhi. He does boxing in anger. He doesn’t answer. O kanha….plays… He takes her call. She disconnects. She says I won’t let anything happen to you. Manjiri comes to Abhi.

She says Akshu can help you, shall I talk to her Akshu leaves a voice message for Manish…. I have to become a witness and prove Abhi innocent, please let me support the truth. Neil says Akshu was with you in the room, let her become the witness. Abhi says I don’t want her name to get spoiled, I don’t need her help, I will handle this, don’t tell this to anyone, let me stay alone in life and this case. Akshu thinks I can’t be in your life, but I will stand by you in this case.

Harsh asks was there anyone. Manjiri says Akshu was there. He says she will bring the truth out. Abhi argues with him and says you won’t go to Akshu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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