Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Goenka’s & Birla’s Tashan Filled X-Mas

The Episode starts with Aarohi getting the boxes. She gets the pic. Neil comes and asks what are you doing here. She says I saw the fungus in the bread, I was just removing it. She stops the ward boy. Neil thanks her. She goes. Neil hears the ward boy saying Aarohi was lying, don’t know why, she is going to become Birla bahu. Aarohi says I will burn this pic. Akshu collides with her. The pic falls.

Aarohi looks for it. Vansh comes as Santa. Reema asks Santa to get true love for her. He nods. Manjiri says it would have been good if we had invited Goenkas. Harsh says I don’t want to talk about them. Juice gets spilled on Reem’s dress. Vansh looks on. Reem says I have to change my dress. Abhi talks to the kids. He tells about Jesus’ birthday. Neil asks which Santa is this. Vansh says Manish has sent me for Aarohi and Akshu, I hope Neil doesn’t identify me. Abhi sees Akshu coming. Ek ladki ko dekha…plays…

He goes to Harsh and says you have one hour now, enjoy. He goes. Aarohi looks for the pic. Harsh asks what are you doing. She says nothing. He says get the camp pics, I have to give it to PR team. Vansh dances with the kids. Everyone dances on Hogai teri balle balle…

Aarohi says the secret may come out. Harsh asks which secret, come with me, what happened, you are lost. Abhi and Akshu see each other. They imagine their dance. Darmiyaan….plays… Vansh dances with Reem. Harsh gets angry and asks why did you lie. Aarohi says I lied because I wanted to get Abhi, I just followed you. He asks what, such a big lie.

She says sorry, you also want me to become your bahu, I want Abhi, I love him, but he loves Akshu, I deserve to become you bahu, am I saying right, I didn’t lie, everyone assumed it that I saved Abhi, you want me to become Birla house bahu, right, I don’t regret it, I want to become a power couple with Abhi. He says find the pic, Abhi shouldn’t get it. They turn and see Goenkas.

Manish says everyone came because you insisted. Harsh apologizes to them. He recalls Anand asking Harsh to not anger Abhi, Abhi is the face of the future of Birla hospital. Aarohi thinks this got fine, I want the pic. Harsh says I will look for the pic this side. He goes. Reem sees Vansh and smiles. Vansh dances with Kairav. Akshu thinks than God, everything got fine.

Aarohi says Akshu is missing, everyone is worried. Abhi tries to find Akshu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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