Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 17th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Sid shouting Sandy, I love you. Ram comes and asks what did you say. They all get shocked. Sandy cries and says its not my mistake, we just met once, I didn’t encourage him. Ram says you don’t need to clarify, Sid will clarify, why did he say this. Vedika thinks what nonsense is this. Sid says I will explain. Shubham says he is a big idiot, online chatting doesn’t show any truth. Ram asks will you embarrass the girl this way, what do you mean. He scolds Sid. He says she is my sister. Sid says I saw Sandy and was really happy, sorry, I didn’t realize who is around and said that, I know I can’t expect her answer, Sandy really sorry, I didn’t intend to embarrass you. Shubham goes with Sid. Ram asks Sandy are you fine. Sandy says so sorry. Priya says its not your mistake. Ram says she is right, you don’t need to say sorry, I know Shubham is Sid’s friend, but you are family, no need to say sorry. Sara says we should give a special gift for Ram. Sid and Shubham go out and talk.

Shubham says you saved me. Sid says but I had to say that I love her. Shubham says I will murder anyone if Sood family troubles me, I will tell Ram that you left. Sid says once Akki gets trapped, the focus will come on him. Shubham says message is sent, photoshoot is due. Sid smiles. Ram gets sweating. Vedika gets chilled water for him. He says water is filtered here. She says we should have dinner tonight, the deal is finalized. He says mom wanted to surprise us, she is sending us for dinner at silver moonlight hotel. Vedika thinks what is happening there. Sara and Priya talk about the kids. Vedika says Ram, you are giving this marriage a chance, you do a lot for everyone, does anyone think about you. Ram says wait, I have to talk to Priya. He asks what happened. Sara says we need 2.5 lakhs for the kids. Vedika says I will give. Ram says why, I will give. She says I m not your family, but I can give. She says Sara, I will buy these things, take it as a customer order, not donation. Sara says thanks, kids will be glad to know that you are using the stuff. Ram thanks Vedika. Vedika says I will send the cheque, pack the things. She goes. Priya says she has a big heart, you scolded Sid, but thanks. He says no thanks and sorry in friendship. She asks who told this. He says Prem and Suman, Maine Pyaar Kiya, didn’t you watch it. She says oh. He says I will show it to you, we can say bye, just no sorry and thanks.

Sara calls Priya and says you look good, you are going on a date with Ram, remember what Ram said, behave nicely, smile. Priya asks why are girls told this always, I m always nice. Sara says fine, you are really looking beautiful, Vedika took the stuff, she didn’t make the payment, she isn’t answering my calls. Priya says she might have forgot. Sara says she isn’t answering my calls. Priya says fine, I will talk to Ram. Sara says enjoy your date. Ram comes downstairs and sees Priya. Ahista ahista…plays.. Ram thinks she is looking like this, I had taken a bath, I look like a hero. She asks him to come. He asks does she have special powers to hear it.

Sid and Shubham say we have to close Akki’s chapter. Shubham says Ram is also reaching the hotel, mom arranged dinner date for him there, he won’t doubt us. Vedika sees them leaving in the car. She asks what were they doing here. She follows them to the hotel. She thinks something big is going to happen here. Sara calls Vedika. Vedika says I m busy, can I call back later. Sara says I asked about the payment. Vedika says not payment, donation, my husband will come and give the money. Sara says you had taken the stuff, I have to collect the payment of 2.5 lakhs. Vedika says fine, my husband will make the payment. Sara says I will come there and take the payment. She ends call. She says I missed Sid and Shubham. She calls home and asks maid to tell Shashi to issue a cheque to Sara. Sid and Shubham talk for Akki and Ram. Ram and Priya are on the way. They have a talk. He says you don’t like music. She says don’t judge me now, I didn’t think why I don’t like it. He says you will like some genre of music. Priya recalls the past moment. Priya and the family sings Aye zindagi gale lagale. Meera gives the gifts. She says I will make your fav dishes. Priya says I will always keep this coupon, I will always remember this new year celebrations. They all hug. FB ends. Ram says I will guess, I think you will like…. He plays the same song. Priya looks at him.

Ram hums the song. She smiles. She says I know your fav song is bade acchhe lagte hai. He asks how do you know. She says you always keep singing that. He nods and sings. She asks can I ask something, you said I can ask you if there is any problem, how close are you and Vedika.

Akki makes Anjali admit the truth. Ram and Priya hear everything, and go to check the room. Sid and Shubham hide and get worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

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