Udaariyaan 17th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Jasmin saying Fateh. The man says party is going inside. She says no, he is some driver. She goes. Fateh turns to see. She talks to Tanya. Angad and Tejo talk to Riya on call and leave. Fateh looks on. Angad frees Tejo’s dress stuck in the car. They leave. Fateh says I will not enter their lives now. Jasmin asks a waiter for Angad. He says he just left with his fiancee. She tries to ask him about Tejo and the address. He goes. She sees Varun and calls him. She says its time to meet, where shall we meet. He asks did you reach Rampur, I will text you. She thinks I will reach Angad through this fool, then Tejo and Fateh.

Fateh hears the people shouting about Sharma ji, that he got a heart attack. He runs to see. He checks Sharma and pumps his heart. Tejo tries to remove the dress. She says no, I can’t cut it, its costly and Angad gifted it with love. Angad makes Riya sleep. He hears some sound and goes to see Tejo. He says you are playing chor police, tell me. She says no, I m going to call Babli. He asks is there any ladies problem. She says no. He says change the dress. She says yes. He says I understood, hook, I will explain you, see me on the selfie camera, if I m cheating, trust me. She says no. He says trust me, my eyes are close. He closes eyes and opens the hooks of the dress.

He says done, wait, such little things happen in big countries. He covers her with his coat and signs her. She thanks him and goes. Fateh and Tanya wait outside the OT. Sharma gets treated. Fateh thinks if Tejo and Angad come here, no, I can’t let Tejo know that I m here. Jasmin lies to Varun and talks to him. She signs the man to click pics. She says you are really sweet, what do you do. He says I have a company, Angad is my partner. She says I think I heard his name, I met him, does he stay here. He says he travels a lot, but he is here now, his villa is here, civil lines. She says sorry, I have an imp meeting, I have to go, all the best for your case. She goes and says now I will find Tejo and Angad’s truth, they can’t get saved and can’t save Fateh. Doctor asks Tanya to relax, Sharma is fine, thank Fateh for bringing Sharma to the hospital on time, well done. He says you can take Sharma home, take care of his medicines and diet. Tanya cries and says if anything happened to you, then I would have fallen alone. She thanks Fateh for saving Sharma. Sharma calls Fateh and holds his hand. He says you helped me a lot, thanks a lot, promise me, you will never leave me.

Jasmin comes to Angad’s house. She tries to look inside the house through a binocular. She sees Angad and Tejo playing. She says who is this girl. Sharma says we have no children, if you also go. Fateh says take rest. Sharma says promise me first. Jasmin climbs the gate and gets in. She runs and hides. She says where did they hide Fateh. Fateh says I promise, I will not go anywhere until you get fine. Sharma thanks him. Fateh thinks if Tejo and Angad see me here then….

Tanya says driver, go and complete the formalities. Sharma says don’t call him driver. He asks his name. Fateh says Jaideep. Sharma says nice name, thanks Jaideep. Jasmin thinks to check if Fateh is inside. She enters the house and thinks there is no one here. Fateh prays for Tejo. Jasmin goes out. Angad looks for the ball. Jasmin tries to leave. She hides there. Angad sees her.

Sharma says I will get fine, Angad get Tejo along. Angad says Tejo is with me, the car broke down. Tanya says our new driver will pick you. Fateh goes to pick Angad and Tejo.

Update Credit to: Amena

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