Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Lakshmi hugging Rishi and crying. Rishi asks her to tell what happened, else he will get angry. She asks him not to get angry. He promises that he will not be angry and asks her to tell what happened. Lakshmi says I was scared. Rishi brings the card and asks if this is truth? Lakshmi says I might lose you, I thought everything is finished and then I understood what you meant for me. She says you are identify, I exist for you, if you are not there, then I am nothing without you. She says that’s why I was scared. Rishi says everyone of us have their own identity and behavior, and we shall not be dependent on anyone, and shall feel complete with self. He says we meet many people in our lives, and that doesn’t mean that they stay with us always. Lakshmi asks don’t you want to stay with me for forever.

Rishi recalls their moments. They hear rain starting. Lakshmi comes to the window and closes it. Main phir bhi tumko chahunga plays…..Lakshmi’s hair gets wet due to the rain. She tries to wipe her hair and the water droplets fall on Rishi’s face. She says sorry and wipes the droplets from his face, with her pallu. He signs it is on his neck too. She wipes it. Just then electricity goes off. She says what happened to the light. Rishi says all house light went off. She steps on the water fallen from her hair and falls. Rishi tries to hold her and they fall on the bed together. They look at each other. Rishi moves hair from her face.

Malishka asks the event management to make the lawn beautiful for the wedding. The manager asks her to tell how many people will be there. Malishka says Pandit ji, groom and Sautan. She says not many people. He goes. Malishka thinks I want Lakshmi to come for my wedding and then Oberoi family will have to accept me. She thinks about Rishi’s nakshatras and thinks she will stop Lakshmi for a year. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he has seen snake on the floor and asks her to come with him. Lakshmi says she couldn’t walk due to the old injury. He lifts her and comes out of the room. He asks her to close the room door. Lakshmi is about to close the door, when light comes back. She tells that it was belt and not snake. He drops her down and says I was joking. He says I went as the light went off suddenly. He then says he was scared of snake, and says I don’t have friendship with snake, and calls him coward. He asks what did you say? She asks if he felt good and wants to listen again. He says Mumbai chi mulgi and laughs. She also laughs. He says I will keep the belt. Lakshmi says she will take the water. He says I will give. He gives her water. Song plays dil jaane…He looks at her injury and says it is the one given by me. She says you can’t hurt me, it happened due to my mistake. Rishi says injury has become wound. She says it is a small wound and says it doesn’t heal fast for me, and asks him to think what will happen if she gets big injury. He hates himself for doing wrong with her.

Lakshmi asks what is he thinking? Rishi says you are very good, if I do any mistake then you might not forgive me, but take care of yourself. Lakshmi says you are with me always to take care of me. I am not scared of anything. He asks her to show her foot, applies ointment on it. He says you care about others, and don’t care for yourself. He says you have saved that old guy outside the temple and saved me many times. Lakshmi says I can bear anything, but can’t bear to see you angry with me, and asks him never to get angry, don’t stop talking, but scold her. She says I can’t live without talking to you, and says I don’t have words to express, what you means to me. He asks her to sleep and cover blanket on her. He then switches off the lights. Lakshmi holds his hand. He asks her to close her eyes and sleep. Lakshmi leaves his hand and closes her eyes.

Malishka looks at the decoration in her house and says my dreams will be fulfilled. She thinks it is good that I came between Rishi and Lakshmi, and now he will leave her and marry me. She thinks I will dream to marry you and even you will dream, and says good night baby, I love you. She messages him. Rishi is sitting on the bed and reads Malishka’s message. H is about to write I love you too, but don’t reply her and switches off his phone. He thinks about Malishka’s threat and his moments with Lakshmi. He then recalls Lakshmi’s words that betrayal is bad, and that she is happy that he is hers. He goes to couch and sleeps. Lakshmi dreams about Rishi and her. They have a hug in the dream, when spot light falls on them. Malishka with her face in dark comes to them, takes away Rishi with her forcibly. Lakshmi cries asking her to leave Rishi. She calls Rishi and gets up taking his name. Rishi wakes up and asks what happened? Lakshmi hugs him and cries, asking him not to leave her.

Precap: Malishka asks Rishi to finish all the work and come to her house at 7 pm. Neelam asks Rishi to stay at home today. Rishi says I need to go today. Lakshmi asks him not to go today. He goes. He tells Malishka in office that he don’t repent that he proposed her, and that he loves her. Ayush tells Rishi that he hopes that Lakshmi gets much better guy than you. Receptionist informs Rishi that Lakshmi is coming to his cabin. Lakshmi comes to Rishi’s cabin and looks at Malishka and Rishi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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