Imlie 19th March : Imlie Saves Surya !

Raghu threatens to shoot Surya if he doesn’t reveal where his diamonds are. He counts till 3 and shoots. Imlie interferes, bears the bullet on herself, and collapses. Surya punches Raghu down. Constable Tripathi arrests Raghu. Surya rushes Imlie to hospital and recalls Raghu telling that Agastya died because he looked like Surya. He calls Tripathi and asks him to reopen Agastya’s case as Imlie was right that there was someone else there apart from Navya during the accident.

Chaudhrys rush to hospital and ask Surya about Imlie. Sonali asks who shot Imlie. Surya says Raghu did. Sonali says Imlie told him already that Raghu is behind her life, he never listened to and destroyed Imlie’s life. She shows him Imlie’s condition and blames him for Imlie’s condition. Doctor informs that Imlie’s condition is not improving as she lost her hope to live.

Tripathi calls Surya out and says Imlie’s doubt is right that someone wanted to kill Agastya; Imlie visited police station for months and pleaded that her husband had seen something before dying, but they didn’t believe her. He shows a footage where a goon shoots at Agastya before the accident. Surya says the goon is Guru bhai who is a dreaded criminal and wanted to kill him and not Agastya. Tripathi says it means Guru killed Agastya thinking him as Surya. Surya feels guilty that his brother died because of him, says he will inform everything to Chaudhry family. Tripathi stops him and suggests him to forget it as it’s not his mistake. Surya returns to hospital. Doctor tells Chaudhrys again that until Imlie desires to live, they can’t do anything.

Chaudhrys walk to Imlie and plead her to wake up. Daadi says earlier Kunal passed away, then Dhanraj, then Agastya; they can’t bear losing her; she will die if Imlie dies. Rajni pleads next. Nurse sends them all out. Surya walks in next and recalls Tripathi’s words. Rajni asks Shivi and Sonali to convince Imlie to get back to life. Shivani says Imlie suffered so much because of them, now they want her to relive to bear their taunts again. Sonali says Imlie lost her husband first and then her dream, there is no reason for her to live now. Rajni asks them not to say that. Daadi says girls are right, they need to give Imlie a reason to live. Surya tells Imlie that he is the reason for her condition and tries to reveal the truth behind Agastya’s death.

Imlie’s condition worsens. Surya calls doctor. Doctor sends them all out and tests Imlie. Daadi asks Surya what was he telling Imlie that she was trying to gain consciousness; Sonali blamed him wrongly, he shouldn’t bother. Surya says he is responsible for all this; Agastya died because of him. Daadi stumbles. Surya tries to hold her, but she signals him not to and sits on a chair. Doctor informs that Imlie is awake and out of danger. Sonali asks if they can meet her. Doctor says yes. They all rush to Imlie and ask if she is fine. Imlie smiles. They bring Imlie home. Imlie slips. Surya holds her and makes her sit, asks if she is fine. She nods yes. Daadi recalls Panditji’s advice that Imlie and Surya’s 36/36 gunas match. Surya reveals Imlie that Agastya died because of him.

Precap: Imlie refuses to marry Surya and says marriage is a bond of love and she already loved Agastya and will never love anyone else. Surya says she has to marry him whether she accepts it or not.

Update Credit to: MA

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