Imlie : Aditya Hurt Seeing Aryan & Imlie’s Closeness !

Anu says when the party is of Bollywood theme, games should be of Bollywood theme. Anu calls Imlie to come and sit next to her. Adi says let it be as Aryn may not like it. Aparna says Imlie cannot disobey boss, but Aryan’s boss Narmada is here and asks Narmada if Aryan will object. Narmada says no.

Anu starts game and asks contestants to pick a chit from 2 bowls with a partner and movie name, their partner has to answer right name of a movie or else they need to dance on that movie song. She calls Pankaj who picks Harish’s name and he answers right answer. Next, Arpita picks Sundar’s chit. Sundar sits lost in Arpita’s beauty. Arpita gets angry. She picks another chit and coughs. He coughs back. Imlie asks if Arpita is having a cough spell again. Arpita says its a movie clue. He says Hum Apke Hain Kaun and enacts scene. Everyone clap for them.

Malini picks chit next. Anu thinks she kept Aditya’s name’s chit for her and she can make him guess the right movie and make Imlie jealous. Malini says her partner is Aditya. Aditya fails to identify movie. Aditya picks Imlie’s chit and says his partner has changed. Anu taunts who would like to be a servant’s partner. Imlie walks away crying. Aryan holds her hand wearing DDLJ’s SRK dress. DDLJ music plays in the background. Their eyes lock. Everyone look at them in shock. Malini taunts this couple is coordinating their dresses also now.

Aryan dances with junior dancers on Mehandi Lagake Rakhna.. song. Imlie joins him and they both dance energetically. Narmada tells Arpita that they look so good together, she dreams of their jodi seeing their sync. Arpita says she should understand Imlie’s situation as its not easy for Imlie to move on so soon. Narmada says Aryan’s positive change is because of Imlie and she can’t lose hope that they will be happy together.

Pankaj gets a call and walks away tensed. Aryan notices that and walks behind. Aditya walks away from function. Aparna asks if he is going out of his own function. He says Imlie and Aryan have hijacked his function, so she should finish their wedding today itself. She says its a good idea and asks why is he hurt seeing Imlie with Aryan, he never listens to anyone in anger and one who used to he has sent her away.

He asks when she was so fond of Malini, why is she hating her now. she says she doesn’t hate Malini, she just wants him to be happy with Imlie. Aditya walks away. Pankaj sees Aparna sad and consoles her. Harish walks to goons and requests to give him some time to repay their loan. Goons deny. He gives them property papers. Aryan watches that from a distance.

Precap: Imlie draws Mehandi on Malini’s hand and writes A which gets imprinted on even her hand. Malini asks if she is attending her wedding tomorrow. Imlie says when she didn’t miss her last wedding, why will she miss her this wedding. Malini says she will wait for her.

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